Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween TREATS - Right Around the Corner!

WOW! Five days till it is Halloween - that's counting today and October 31st - not much time left ya know. I bought a bunch of candy on Wednesday since I could get my big senior citizen discount at the local grocery store that day and I figure heck, may as well save a little money if I'm gonna be handing out treats Wednesday night to kids who will be coming from all over town, the little (and some darned big ones too) beggers anyway! There are very few children living on the street where I live - unlike when I was a kid and almost every house along this street was a family with at least 3-4, sometimes lots more kids living there. (Except for my house and one place about two doors from me -the boy who lived there and I were the only kids on this street who were "an 'only' child" ya see!

But I'm behind - again, as usual - in handing out the Blogger Sweet TREATS and if I'm gonna get that accomplished between now and Halloween, I'd best get moving, huh?

This morning - or tonight - however you look at it when you're typing at 4:15 in the morning and haven't slept in a few hours -I'm going to give TREATS to some bloggers who aren't "new" in the blogging sense but they are new to my list of Favorites so that makes them "new" to me.

First up - a really funny guy who also can post some insightful, serious stuff too - lots of things that are guaranteed to make you think -Curmudgeon - a great lawyer in the Windy City. Reading his blog requires no "Second Effort" from me as I really enjoy what he has to say.

The next on my list today is for a lady who really LOVES to travel and as a matter of fact, Bee and her spouse, Sarge Charlie, are currently enjoying a cruise! Imagine that! The Empress of the Seven Seas (well, that's how I list her on my faves list anyway) cruising all over the place and loving every minute of it too - unless she's lying to us in her reports from the ship every day! Go check out how her cruise is progressing and see all the pictures she's posting about each port they've visited. Makes you feel like you're right there with them!

My blogger buddy, Janey, right now is making renovations to her blog and it seems to be taking forever too! So, maybe if you all venture over to Westcliffe and say hello, look over her past posts and such and leave a comment, she'll get busy and get all that blog remodeling finished up!

A blogger who just returned to blogging not too long ago is my friend Sylvia. She's resettling out in Phoenix, looking for things for a new place there and just trying to get back into blogging once again in the process. Stop by and tell her hello and that you hope, her Life in General, is going along ok, will ya please?

Here's a Wacky Mom for you to check out - Ev - a great lady from down near Philadelphia way. She's a busy executive, along with running a home, with kids even, and has a lot of neat stories -and photos to share on her sight. Good visuals, good advice, lots of humor too. Go now, say hello! Tell her not to worry about old Murphy and his law.

You'll be saying Whee too - and doing it all the way home too - after you stop and visit Patois at her place here! From writing Haiku (and doing a great job of it too) as well as telling stories for the Sunday Scribblings she participates in, or talking about her life with her lively family - well, you just can't go wrong if you pay her a call! Trust me!

Well that gives you six bloggers to go check out, get a feel for each place, tell them hello and that I sent you by there too if you would please. Who knows, if you're not already familiar with their blogs, you might decide - like I did - that adding them to your favorites list will be a good reminder to you to keep tabs on each one of them.

Have a great day today now too! I'm headed to bed now since I see the little grandson has finally decided to bite the dust here for me! Yay, yay! That's what Miss Maya would say - well, actually she would tell us "Doyay, doyay!" come to think of it!


Theresa said...

Thanks for the reminder of Halloween- We only have two kids on our street, and most people avoid our street because it is so hilly. But then sometimes people come in carloads- so I never know how much candy to buy. I hate to have all the extra around the house just staring at me and tormenting me .

Sylvia said...

Thanks for the sweet treat.

The Curmudgeon said...

Aren't you nice? Thank you for the nice write-up.

Patois said...

Thanks so much, Jeni. You're one of my favorite daily treats!

Vic Grace said...

We don't get any Halloween visitors here except perhaps the furry kind. Good too because I wouldn't want to contribute to juvenile diabetes by handing out candies. I am not kidding, I see so many fat kids around here that they need all the help they can get. The village puts on a firework display which Annie the dog is not looking forward to, but not many door to door visitors.