Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Call!

No, I'm not giving "last call" in terms of shutting down the bar, no more drinks but this is my final TREAT handout -simply because I really ran out of time to do more with this that I wanted to do.

First, I want to thank these bloggers once again - Theresa, Hootin-anni, Cariboo Ponderer and Lifecruiser - to each of them for having given me this TREAT award. I hereby give it back to each of you, ten-fold. Through this little icon it gave me a chance to run through my favorites list and draw attention - hopefully - to the various bloggers I consider to be on my favorite reading list now - and even calling my attention to other blogs to read and most likely to add to my faves list too in the future. Just as soon as I have time! Yeah, right! Time, what's that?

Before I give out the last couple bags of TREATS here though, I have to apologize for something. That would be the appearance of the post below this one. When I signed up to do the "A View From Here" that Gene Bach at Turning the Pages of Life set up for October 20th, I had some plans then to take some specific pictures of some things in my area. However, I don't have a digital camera - not yet anyway (it's on my "to get someday" list) -and what I didn't count on was not being able to escape the house frequently enough to get my pictures taken in time to get them developed, etc., to use. So, yesterday when I finally got those pics developed I decided to revisit that post and do another one with some more pics.

What I DIDN'T count on there was Blogger though! Seems Blogger was in a state of flux and being very difficult, hard to respond, not wanting to upload photos, etc. Then when I did finally get the pictures uploaded and hit publish, the layout, as usual, didn't come out the way it looked on my monitor before I hit the publish button. So, it was back to work, trying to edit these pics, etc. and even that took forever with more blogger issues than you could shake a stick at! Finally, when I got it to the appearance it has now I just threw in the towel and decided not to mess with that post any longer. What is weird though is if you are viewing it using Firefox, the pictures are slightly more jumbled in the layout than they are if you view it with IE. Go figure that one too, will ya? Frustrating is the nicest word I have to say about that post which took me the better part of the past 24 hours to get it to the shape it is in now and as I said above, it's gonna stay that way too, forever and a day!

And now, on to the awards for today, OK?

First on my list tonight is Singing Owl, a great lady up in Wisconsin who just happens to be a pastor at an Assembly of God church there. Her posts are not relegated strictly to writing Biblical interpretations or sermons but rather her view on the world around her, about her faith yes, of course, but also about her family -and especially -since January of 2007 - her little granddaughter. (Yes, she and I have something in common there, for sure!) She talks openly about dealing with life and the sorrows it often brings to ALL of us as she is dealing with not just her mother's issues but also those of a sister who have Altzheimer's and how painful it is to watch the regression of once very vital loved ones from this terrible illness. And through her openness about these painful issues, her faith keeps shining through. Check out her blog and see for yourself.

Next on my list has to be Sunshine! Here's a busy young woman, mother of four, very active with work, community, family and who plans blog events for all of us (if we wish to participate) and puts out some terrific posts too about just about every topic from soup to nuts. Although her profile says "Sarcasm...It's like a second language to me" her blog is funny, sarcastic at times, but also filled with lots and lots of love for family, friends, for life, for living and giving. And the fact that she openly also discusses her brother, with so much love and adoration, for his accomplishments and his being autistic, just endears her and her blog all that much more to me! She also takes some great pictures and posts them to share with one and all. A great way to the Pursuit of Happiness is what I'd say!

Then there's this blogger - another lady I've come to regard as a darned good friend and a great blogger as well as being a Smalltown registered nurse up north in British Columbia. Actually, she lives on an island too - imagine that, huh? Her own lighthouse nearby her place is pretty darned cool in my book. Mary Ann writes a terrific blog too about her work, her family -husband, three daughters, two stepsons and the things they do together as a family. If you like looking at great photographs in blogs, this is a blog you'll really enjoy for that tool. The pictures she frequently posts of the gorgeous scenery up in her neck of the woods is fantastic - along with the pictures she often posts of her and her husband on some of their adventures too -such as their recent trip to Mexico and the places they visited there, the things they did. Really a great place to stop and visit and stay awhile! It can easily become a Place I Call Home.

My last bag of TREATS here goes to a lady down in Alabama who I admire greatly. She spent last year trying her best to succeed as a law student while balancing a home, two children, husband and all the work that goes with that. Her life has taken a lot of twist and turns in the past six months and she's still working on dealing with those things. Just returning to the working world, she's also taking some graduate level classes this semester too along with posting some truly awesome photos on her blog and writing pieces that really grab your interest. One thing she does from time to time is "Bloghopping" where she checks out new blogs and writes little summaries of them - pointing her readers in a direction to provide more great blogs to read. Many of those now on my favorites list came via Shelby's postings of new and exciting blogs she'd found! She's been a favorite blogger of mine since way back when she was just East of Oregon -which just happens to be where she would like to live. A nice lady, friendly, smart, with a great sense of humor too - yep, that would be the southern belle, Shelby Dupree!

Now that I've exhausted my TREATS supply for this holiday, time for me to (hopefully) retire for the night, provided a certain little boy is going to be cooperative in the going to sleep department pretty soon. However, judging by his appearance at this point in time, looks like its going to be another LOOONNNGG night here! Why the heck did my grandson have to pick Grammy's penchant for being a night owl as something he aspires to anyway? KIDS!

Oh - and since it is now officially October 31st, I guess I best say this to each and every one too - Have a safe Trick or Treat experience and a really HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Shelby said...

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww you are the sweetest :) Let's have coffee and cheesecake together and gab..


Sunshine said...

You are very adorable and I thank you for the award! I feel another massive blog award ceremony coming on.

Paula said...

Happy Halloween-ie, Jeni!

Sylvia said...

Blogger gives me fits with photos and sometimes, my post. It simply will not leave things the way I want them. If I get somewhat close, I call it day and stop. lol

Theresa said...

Yes blogger can give you troubles when trying to put pictures and text in the correct places. I am getting better at it, but some days it is very frustrating.

Well Ms. Treater!! you did the award proud!!! You are so kind to the blog community to keep us alive and learning about others.Yes you certainly deserve a rest.

Happy Halloween

captain lifecruiser said...

That is one of the million reasons why I'm on Wordpress....

Oh, I'm impressed, you've really done a l of good with this treat :-)

We miss you at the Lifecruisers Cyber Halloween Party!

Mr Butcher has been serving a lot of scared guests with malicious mouth watering dishes!

Everybody has been welcome and taken all their scary monsters with them!!!!!

The party is going on until witching hour.

Make sure you come here holding your ghoul friends hand and be sure to read the haunted house rules properly!

...the night creatures has crawled up from their graves too.....


Vic Grace said...

I know what you mean with all the treats. I running out of people to forward to, so I have stopped. I acknowledge the awards and then just put a link list at the bottom of the post and leave it at that. If someone sees it with their name on the bottom they can decide what to do with it. I think it is getting too much and I don't want my blog to deteriorate into awards and memes and tagging. I have refused a few already. I hope tactfully.

Sergey said...

Good luck everybody