Sunday, October 28, 2007

Honors Abound!

Boy - I am shocked, really surprised, stunned and well, doggone happy tonight too. Seems Linda -the Blogging 911 operator thinks I deserve an award today and she's blessed me with this one - the Wonder Woman Award. Apparently I really have her fooled pretty doggone good cause compared to her schedule, the things she does every day, there's really no comparison to my dawdling around here, playing on the computer the majority of my day. Well, at least that's the truth on the days Maya is away from the house at her preschool! But I sure as heck won't turn this down, you can bet your bottom dollar on that anyway and I've already told Linda that the coffee is no longer "bring your own." (It might be self-service once you're here though. I'll provide the fixings, even make it, but in my house, after that, you're on your own cause my waitress days are far behind me now.)

Linda received this award from a very wise blogger friend of hers - Misty Dawn, from out Missouri way. (I kind of think Misty knew what she was doing when she passed this one on to Linda, don't you?)

And in accordance with the blogging traditions, when you receive an award, you should be willing to pass it on, pay tribute to others who deserve an honor like this so, with that in mind, here are the bloggers I feel should be the next recipient of being a "Wonder Woman" too!

First honor goes out to Hootin-Anni down in Texas for all her hard work especially the last couple of weeks as she passed out Sweet TREATS right and left to encourage bloggers every where, welcoming new folks, recognizing those who've been on the scene a good while too. That's who gave me the Sweet TREAT award first that I've been trying to remember to share with everyone too.

Then, next to another Texas girl - Shelley -who really is quite a Wonder Woman for sure as she is working so hard gathering up crocheted and knitted granny squares and having them all put together to make afghans for children who have cancer. The "Share a Square" project goes to kids at a special camp as a means to give not just the warmth that comes from a pretty afghan but the warmth that comes from sharing love and along with that, hope for recovery. Now that takes a lot of work, effort -and love to take charge of a monumental task like that, I'm sure you'll agree. Stop by her place and read all about this project and if you're a crafter, join forces with her to help in its success.

So many bloggers, so little time to pass this around to everyone who truly deserves some extra recognition.

Before I try to turn in for the night - that is if the grandson is going to be cooperative with me anyway -I have to share a little more "bathroom" humor with you. Anyone here who has raised kids or has small children now who are in the potty training stage or near it, will appreciate (I hope) my relating the little episodes that are coming at us all the time now that Maya has discovered using the bathroom in the somewhat proper manner. Yesterday, she totally took us by surprise when she went in there all by herself and used the commode which started a parade back and forth the rest of the day. The upshot of this yesterday was that she only had one accident. Today, was pretty much a re-run of the same procedure except that Uncle Clate got home today from his most recent run to California and Oregon and back and she was excited to show off for him her new found talent. Shortly after he came down here this afternoon for supper, she'd gone into the bathroom, done her thing, and when she came out, we told him to ask her what she'd done. She very proudly looked up at him and announced "I peed!" He asked her then if she was lying to him or if she'd really done that and again, she looked directly at him, hands on her hips and said quite firmly, "YES! I did it!" (To get the full effect of that, you have to insert just a tiny bit of a lisp on saying the "YES!")

However, this business of her going into the bathroom alone has some drawbacks as well. Anytime she exits stage left (that's the direction of the bathroom) and is gone for longer than we feel is really necessary, it generally means she's in there getting into things then. And sometimes, that's a very unwanted by-product of the progress we've been seeing. Case in point here being this afternoon, just as Mandy was getting ready to fix the mashed potatoes for supper when Maya disappeared and Mandy went after her. Seems she had managed to get hold of a big bottle of hair conditioner her big sister had left sitting on the vanity, within her reach, and had dumped a goodly portion of it on her head. So, dinner got delayed slightly while Mandy then had to wash her hair, a couple of times actually, in order to get the globs of hair conditioner rinsed out completely.

Oh well, such is life in any household with preschool kids in residence, isn't it?

And with that story, I'm out of here for tonight to try to get the little boy to settle down and go to sleep soon cause tonight, Grammy is BEAT! (Some Wonder Woman there, huh?)

Ya'll have a great day and week ahead now - and watch out for any stray trick or treater's who might be coming your way too!


Hootin'Anni said...

You truly have made me speechless. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It'll go up on my Tuesday blog entry.......with pride!!!!

Wow....a wonder woman. I'm gonna go tell my hubby this!!! rofl

Linda said...

Such excellent choices to pass this on to - especially Miss Hootin' Anni! I love her blog!

Oh, and I have no problem with helping myself to coffee as long as it's hot and there's something to put in it as I just can't do black, never acquired a taste for it I'm afraid!

Congrats again - you deserve it!!

Theresa said...

Hi Wonder Women! Well deserved award, and once again you are a great friend to all bloggers to take such care in informing us about their blogs.

You guys must be so roud of Maya of the great progress she has made-even if it does means she is curious about other bathroom stuff.