Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kissing Some Grits - Technorati and Bee's Style!

Empress Bee has a post up today about Technorati, authority and rankings. I know, over the past 3-4 weeks, we've seen a few things that are all ways to increase our authority and rankings but hey, this is something everyone does strive to keep growing - not decreasing -and as such it's important that we try to follow through here.

I promised Bee that I would insert her post into mine for today. The more blogs that are added to this post, the more it works to help keep ratings, rankings, authority growing a little more -sometimes a LOT more, really. So, in conjunction with that theory in mind, how's about everyone here just adding your blog's url to the list and posting the whole thing for the world to see.

It's easy to do - first, just go and copy this message below from Bee over to a new post of your very own. Then add a few introductory lines at the top - or if you want - just copy over what I have written right along with Bee's text and listing of blogger's names/urls. Then, simply hit "Publish." And, presto-magic, you've added to a way that will help build authority and rankings, etc., for yourself along with all of us. The more this gets posted, the more names that get added, the higher the rankings will rise. So, let's all do this little thing and each of us give ourselves and lots and lots of others a little boost upward in those old rankings. OKAY now? While you're at it, stop by Bee's place and say a little "howdy" to her too!

Here's Bee's post:

Technorati can kiss my grits!

View blog authority

What is UP with this stuff anyway? I mean a little over a month and a half ago i was almost to 500 and now I am at nearly 200? I understand the links fall off after they are six months old. I really do, but dang! That's a big drop. I am not the only one seeing this either. I know a few that are rising, but most are plummeting. Let's do this again, okay?

Down River Drivel
Bee's New Blog
"And miles to go before we sleep..."
Tor Aa Mirror
In My Mother's Name
A Links Blog
A Little Piece of Me
Another Day In Paradise
Beautiful British Columbia
Chicken's Life
Comedy Plus
Critique My Blog
Dis' Book Blog
Empress Bee (of the high sea)
I should be cleaning
I Was Born 2 Cree8
It's a Blog eat Blog World - Manic Monday
Just Me...
My # 2 Blog
Nuttin' But Pimp
Small and Big
The Buzz Queen
The Mis-Adventures Of Captain Poopy
The Seaside Stitcher
The Sneeze
Tricia's Musings (Do Follow Blogroll)
Untwisted Vortex
Us Danes And Our Family
Garry Conn .com - Successful Blogging
John Chow Dot Com
Making Money Free Online with Courtney
One Man's Goal
Write To Right
Contest Blogger
An Island Review
the curmudgeon
echoes of grace
lois grabowski
mo mo
the goat rodeo
sarge charlie
crazy working mom
manx mnews
captain picard's journal
mimi writes
mimi's dating profile

Once again, if you want to be added, leave me a comment and I will add your link. Please consider doing this yourself too.

Thanks... bee

Now go in on your post and add y our name, your url to the list and watch it all grow! Easy as pie and lots and lots of fun without bunches of hard work, don't 'cha know?


Vic Grace said...

Hi Empress Bee I am here from Jeni. If you would like I would be pleased to be on your list. I have done this before but your post is a timely reminder to do it again however I will not be using all your links just those I know as I would like to promote the blogs that visit me. But I will include yours.

lattégirl said...

Rankings only matter when you do paid blogging. Otherwise, there's little need to care.

Smalltown RN said...

here you can add me as well Bee....cheers from the great white north....which is not white yet...just north....

magnetbabe said...

Haha! In light of a similar post I did today, I commend you for linking so many blogs to give your readers something to browse through. You should try the meme I put up. It's not just for ratings but for exposing good blogs to new corners of the blogosphere.

Dave said...


You are the source of my, for me, high Technorati rating; but, I have no clue as to the benefit of the rating.

Since it more than doubled the last time you did this sort of thing, the approximate same number of people visit according to Sitemeter and mostly the same regular readers, with an occasional new person, leave comments.

I'm really not sure what the point of the Technorati stuff is, beyond what the commentor above said about "paid" blogs, if that is true.

I would like just for a day to get into the Alexia top 100K. Probably doesn't mean much; but, I've worked my way from a couple million to 121K.

Theresa said...

I love how you promote everyones blog- no wonder you got that schmoozer award twice! I love checking out new blogs- so thanks for sharing your roll. I do not know how you keep up with so many and still find time to do your blog entries! Great job!

terryg said...

Seriously, Jeni -- don't fall into the rankings game if you're not blogging for pay. It dilutes the experience, trust me.

Mike said...

I haven't even bothered to check what my rank is now lol. After I stopped blogging regularly, I bet it has dropped off the map completely. As far as Horseshoe curve goes, we need to see how things go as far as finances go seeing as the national contract with ford has expired and we are working with an extended contract. I was laid off these past 2 weeks also, but we decided to stay home instead of going on any trips because of this. Someday we'll get to see it. Probably next year I think.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Jeni,

Thinking of you, all the way from Oz, even though I'm heading towards the finish line with my second novel.

You take care now