Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finding a Key

I'm sitting here typing this with tears in my eyes.

I just had a phone call from Maya's teacher at the preschool with some news about Maya. She even got Maya to talk to me on the phone and tell me this herself too.

Maya did it! She actually did it! Today, of all days - on her fourth birthday!

She PEED in the potty at school!

Is that fantastic or what!????

What Pam - her teacher - doesn't realize is this was a two-fold surprise too.

Maya normally will not talk to anyone on the telephone either but when Pam put her on at that end of the line she did speak to me.

This tiny little voice saying "Gram, I pee in potty!"

Music to my old ears for sure. I am so ecstatic I think I'll throw a party.

Oh yeah. That's right. We're already having a party here tonight in honor of Miss Maya's fourth birthday.

Ya'll come now! Please do! Bring cameras too!

Can you tell I'm really, really, REALLY excited and very happy!

Wait till Mandy gets home from work and I give her this bit of news!

May need to have clean undies available for her too, ya know!


Claire said...

Woo Hooo! That is fantastic news :)

Patois said...

Bravo, Maya! Bravo!

dgibbs said...

That is so awesome! Way to go Maya! Connor will not let the phone get near his ears and if he does he only says "Bye-bye" so as to get the phone away as quick as possible.

Major Congrats again!

terri said...

That's HUGE! You have a right to be proud! Can't wait to see the party pictures!

Paula said...

Wa-Hoo!! That is so very cool. Way to go Maya and on her birthday to boot. Perfect!

Stine said...

Great! I'm on my way with a camera...

No, Jeni - you have to get hold of the finished product - the actual lye/ashes thing are not for your average living quarters.
If you can manage that, I'll take you through the preparations...

I don't rightly know which part of the US you're in, but there probably more people eating lutefisk over there than over here... So it should be possible to come by.
Gotta be done right, though!

You have yourselves a smashing party now!

Theresa said...

SMILES!! yeah- what a great day- Celebrate that little princesses birthday!!!

Shelby said...

Yay for peeing in the potty!!!!!

lattégirl said...

Amazing! A breakthrough on two fronts!

Sylvia said...

A great big thumbs up to Maya.