Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Help Wanted NOW

Remember the post I made the other day about the blogger - Sunshine13 - who is having a contest at her place and I asked everyone to go visit her blog, make sure you tell her that I sent you there, etc., etc.

Well so far, I've seen lots of folks who have visited her site but none who said that "JENI SENT ME HERE!"

I need you to click you little finger along and pop in to Sonia Sunshine's blog and tell her that - JENI SENT ME!

Here's the rest of the instructions - like where to go to do this for me! Okay? Come on guys, I wanna win a prize! And as Sonia says - this is it, last chance!

Last Chance!

Tonight at midnight Central is the last chance to get all the pimpin, whorin, blog lovin done on the previous post. You have today to come out on top in the contest, there are definitely some front runners and you should be one of them!!

Send those readers TO THE POST TO COMMENT!

A winner will be declared tomorrow!

FYI: this post has also been added to Sk*rt! Go vote you love it here, because you're clicking finger is so bored and all...


Theresa said...

OK OK- yes I guess you do have to tell me twice :) anyway I finally delurked and commented proudly that Jeni sent me!

Anonymous said...

I've done it, but not logged in to Blogger. Left my name though.

Debo Blue

Vic Grace said...

Done it. I missed it the first time round. Hope you win

Patois said...

I'm sorry, sorry, sorry. I fell behind in reading posts, so I missed this. I'll try harder to make sure that, of all people's blogs, yours is one I stay current with.