Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday - Make-up Time

What was I doing yesterday? I've mentioned on numerous occasions in my blog that I do have issues with senility factors (my kids would look at that incredulously and question "ISSUES?") and yesterday, that faction apparently stepped in as I forgot all about giving out any Sweet TREATS to some very deserving blogs, didn't I?

Yep - for sure, that I did. So today I have to pay the piper and try to make amends. That being said, here's the blogs I'm bestowing with a Sweet TREAT for today - and also yesterday.

The first TREAT I'm giving out today goes to a guy who is a former co-worker of mine. If you check out The Shack's blog and if you read his personal profile, don't be too quick to cast judgment on him. His bark is much, much worse than his bite! He's just another individual, like so many of us, caught up in the throes of work and economics and raising kids and work - and oh, did I mention WORK? Anyway, try to read through, between the lines at times, as to what he's really saying in his posts - looking for answers to a lot of situations, offering his thoughts, his commentary on them in the process.

My next TREAT is for a lady who teaches - on the college level - while dealing first-hand openly, honestly, with her own issues pertaining to mental health. To discuss Bi-Polar problems, up-front and personal, the way she does, takes a lot of courage and strength. For anyone who has ever experienced any type of mental health issue, I don't care what type, it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude frequently after the fact to be able to discuss this very important topic. It's one of those "taboo" type subjects, often still has a tremendous stigma about it and to find someone, like Danielle, who is able to write about this both as a teacher and as one dealing with these issues too on a personal level, really makes her-and her blog then - very deserving of a big Sweet TREAT!

My third TREAT goes to a lady who doesn't post frequently -most of her posts tend to be poetry she has written, along with some really beautiful photographs on many occasions. She was actually the very first blogger to interact with me after I started my blog - gave me my first bit of blogging encouragement you could say and I really enjoy Paige's entries - just wish there were more of them! Take a trip back over the Paige of a Book to Paradise Valley and I think you'll see what I mean.

TREAT Four is for Keith, who knows what it is to "walk the walk and talk the talk" first-hand and he lights a good path for those who read his blog to follow too. For all he's done in the past and the things he's involved in now, his efforts to help others find a road that is true for them really put him out there for a well-deserved TREAT for doing this. Keep on, keeping on, Keith!

Here's another blogger who's been on my favorites list for a long time now - and someone I feel like I know like my neighbor, like a good, true, faithful friend -and that would be Debo Blue. Faith, family, unfaltering belief - that's what you'll find at A Blue State of Mind. The best words I can think of to describe her -and her blog - just "good people" - good reading, good food for thought.

And while I'm on that kind of wave length, here's a big Sweet TREAT to the sweetest, nicest, funniest too, 911 Operator out there blogging with the best of 'em. Linda's a hard-worker, single parent, always tries to put the best she can out for all to see. If you've never visited her place, I'm betting you'll readily agree, she deserves a break and a big TREAT to go with it too! If you've already read any of her blog, "Are We There Yet?" then you know full well what I mean!

That's it for tonight folks. People are clamoring here at the home front now for me to give up the phone connection cause they need to make some calls. (The phone my connection runs on is the only line in the house that has "long distance" calling capabilities, so for family harmony to continue, I'd best be moving along for a while.)

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