Sunday, October 21, 2007

Family Affair

Ah, Sunday. Day of rest - well, supposedly. Day of Peace - don't we all wish that were true. But what is there about Sunday that marks it as being just a bit different.

My opinion here is that it is Family. Sunday should be a day of rest, of peace -and now, with it being fall, there's also football too, but in addition, isn't Sunday often marked more for a day to spend with one's family, if at all possible.

So, I decided my Sweet TREATS for this Sunday will go out to bloggers on my favorites list who are "family." No, not MY family per se, but a "blogging family" in that more than one member of a select family are on my favorites list.

The first one is Magnetbabe - a really smart young lady (a physicist, so you know I'm right in saying that about her). Her grandmother - Minnesota Blue - was one of the first of my favorites to receive a Sweet TREAT. This young lady, very straight forward in her opinions, a baseball fan too (gotta love that, don't 'cha) is also very involved in the rescue of feral cats. A nice variety of interests there, ya see.

Then, there's this lady, from up in Canada way, who uses some really subtle humor, loves sailing whenever, wherever possible, enjoys knitting (my kind of gal there) as well as animals - especially cats! That would be Mau of It's About Time and her sister-in-law is Lattegirl, who received her TREAT on the second day of these little awards. I really should apologize to both of them for the photo on my Tour blog of the area where I live yesterday of my son-in-law with a deer he got two or three years ago because both of them are really big animal lovers. However, hunting -and fishing too - are both really big things in this neck of the woods. Lots of hunters/fishermen/sportsmen of that type come here frequently - many have camps in town here as well as back in the wilderness that does have a pretty good impact on the economy of the area year after year.

Then there are some couples too on my favorites list - first from eastern Pennsylvania there's Pos and his lovely spouse, the "Million Dollar Baby"who really wants to hit the lottery so she will be able to have a life that actually might give her TIME to blog instead of working, running kids here and there, feeding their family and doing piles and piles of laundry. Pos writes a pretty introspective blog -most of the time - pondering the world of work along with politics while hoping those Steelers will come through and have a good season. Both write from the heart though -and also with humor whenever possible, to make their points. Good reading available at either stop there!

Another blogger whose posts I love to read too first because she's usually very bubbly, very happy and excited about her life, her job, her family, pets and puts out some really good menus along with recipes too to try to help those of us who have acquired a few extra friends we don't always like to have around (i.e. fat cells). This would be Theresa, sister-in-law of this blogger, Snoop Murph. Anyone who's been reading my blog for any length of time knows by now that I really get excited over "small world" things and after Theresa and I had been reading each other's blogs for a short time, we discovered that she grew up, lived for a good deal of her life in Newark, Delaware - which is where one of my Mom's cousin's lived - and when I mentioned to her about the trip I took two weeks ago to Indiana, PA to visit another cousin of my Mom's, she told me her parents were originally from two towns between here, where I live and Indiana, PA - Cresson and Patton, PA! Little things like that always grab my interest levels, ya know! Theresa was also one of the bloggers who gave me the Sweet TREATS awards I've been passing out here since last Tuesday too.

And finally - here's to another couple from up in Michigan Mike and Barb. Barb - AKA Skittles to many others in the blogosphere discovered my blog shortly after I started it - I think she was the second person to post a comment on my blog and I was really excited to get to know her because I rapidly learned she had a really big following of readers. The funny thing about that is that she had just begun blogging only about a month before me! How'd you do that so quickly, Barb? Mike, Barb's husband, then started reading my posts and when they were planning a little quick trip get-away, they called me to find out how far my home is from Altoona because Mike is really, REALLY, into trains, railroading - the regular kind as well as the model type -and they were thinking of coming out this way for a quick trip to see the Horseshoe Curve over in Altoona. That trip idea didn't pan out at that time but who knows, maybe another day and a quick decision to take a drive and we'll get a chance to meet! I'd really enjoy that!

So now you know which bloggers on my "faves" list are related and how. I think it's pretty neat to be able to get the perspectives of others in different family settings, don't you?

Now, have a great Sunday with your family -after you read about these families I've mentioned here!


Shelby said...

and Happy Sunday today to you:)

Sylvia said...

Another have a good Sunday to you.

Theresa said...

Hi Jeni,
For some reason I was thinking family for my Sunday blog today too.
You are too kind- thanks for those beautiful words about my blog.

Happy family day!

masgblog said...

Thank you, Jeni...I am just tickled orange!