Friday, October 19, 2007

And - a Few More TREATS!

Ready or not, here we go again!

I'm handing out some more TREATS tonight -spreading the happiness of a little bit of sweets that came to me from Theresa and Hootin'-anni and Vic Grace.

Today, the first TREAT I'm giving out goes to a blogger from down south -in Georgai - and one I just recently added to my faves but I've been reading her comments for quite a while now on another of my favorite sites. Right now, she's lamenting about the water shortage issue in Georgia - which apparently is really building to the point of having some very dire consequences. And, when one is worried about something like water - the one absolute necessity of life -a little TREAT might help to soothe her just a tad, don't 'cha think? So for Cosmic Cat, this TREAT's for you!

The next TREAT goes to yet another blogger who is new to my favorites list - Lifecruiser. This Swedish blogger runs Virtual Cruises - planning trips with stops wherever you think you'd like to visit. And she also hands out some neat advice to her fellow cruisers too. Like the advice she has on her blog today. I won't tell you what it is but I'm thinking maybe a certain Produce Manager down in Georgia might want to consider possible consequence to one of his most favorite activities. Go now, here, and see what that might be.

This third TREAT goes to a lady who is the parent of a son with autism. He's almost 20 years old now and has many, many issues that he - and his loving mother - must contend with all the time. Although her blog is very poignant as she talks about his care, the difficulties she often encounters, there is no doubt about one thing -and that is how much she loves her son, tries to do whatever she can to help him. And for anyone who thinks parenting is tough when your child is "normal" (whatever that really is - and no, parenting under any circumstances is far from a walk in the park), for anyone who has no concept about the range of issues that can be present in a child with autism, please check out her blog. I just think for all the trials and travail she has dealt with now and for many years, Casdok - or the Mother of Shrek - really needs a little pick-me-up TREAT for having gone the distance to help her son. Stop by her place and give her a little pat on the back, will you please?

And finally, my last TREAT for today goes to this blogger as she discusses origins of her name and ramifications of that -and she does it in such a funny way too. Go read it and see if you too don't come away laughing! And, at the end of the day - or the beginning of a new one - who can't use some good light-hearted humor to give a little lift to life. So a little TREAT for her is just a tiny thank you from me for giving me a really good laugh today!

Who's next now to get a surprise TREAT from me?

Check back tomorrow and if my memory is still working ok, I'll have some more TREATS to hand out and maybe even one will be coming YOUR way!


Linda said...

You are just the sweetest woman ever, those are some excellent choices that you've awarded treats to and I'm sure they're very much appreciated by the recepients.

Smalltown RN said...

Oh my goodness....I hadn't realized I hadn't been around for a bit....that is just wonderful news about Miss Maya...I can only imagine how fantastic that must be for all of you....and then on her birthday to boot....triple wammy....I certainly hope she had a fantastic I am sure you all did as the way...I went over to Gene's place the other day...told him I was there because of you...and I will be participating in his get to know you event he is hosting tomorrow....hope you join in....cheers my friend....

Theresa said...

You are such a great community blogger to write about everyone separately like you do- and yes you intrigue me by that last paragraph - I am leaving now to go visit that mysterious blogger

captain lifecruiser said...

Oh, how nice of you to mention my blog - and the very important advice.... *giggles*

I hope everybody feel welcome to joyn us in the fun - esecially for the Halloween celebrations starting Tuesday and ending the 31th with a Halloween Party!!!

fermicat said...

I'm really late to this party, and I don't know how I missed this TREAT! But it is still sweet! Thanks for the mention and the link.