Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's Time...For Another One!

Another one, what? Well, what else, of course, but another sweet TREAT for some blogger who really deserves a little TREAT today. And, somedays, more than others, don't we all?

In the off chance you're a new reader -or one who maybe hasn't been by here for a couple of days or more - here's what's happening.

Back on Monday of this week, three fellow bloggers gave me the same award - a Sweet TREAT - in recognition of the big holiday just around the bend. Those bloggers - Theresa, Hootin'anni and Vic Grace - deserve the basic credit for sending this TREAT to me and true to the reason behind this award, I'm just doing my thing and passing it along to my favorite bloggers, a couple each day between now and Halloween. So, be sure to check out the blog spots of those three people named above in addition to the bloggers getting a little TREAT from me, each day. OK?

The first blogger I'm giving a Sweet TREAT to today is a gentleman from up in Alberta, Canada and over the past year since I started blogging, he has set up at LEAST three blogs -all of which I have on my faves listing too. He was one of the first bloggers I added to my favorites list with this blog - Letters I Wish I'd Sent - a really humorous, but with a big edge of seriousness too, blog where he would often take people or companies or politics (and politicians too) to task for their actions - or inactions, as the case may be. Then, he added this place - Bob's Odder Blog - in which he has more little tidbits of humor. This one is a newsletter blog he set up earlier this year - The Odder Point of View - and all three of these spots really show not only what a funny man he is, but also, that he is indeed a very talented writer as well. So, for you, Bob Johnson, here's a triple batch of Sweet TREATS just for you! Be sure to check Bob's workmanship out though as he's looking at yet another venture and these blogs may -or may not - be available for our reading pleasure. He hasn't quit decided on that next move as yet.

Next, I give you this gentleman - who was on hiatus for the entire summer because his wife had him hogtied, keeping him very busy with many projects, lots of "honey do" days, you see and he didn't have time or energy to devote to his special brand of humor. He just returned recently to the blog scene with a very poignant post about his son and a car with the trademark of his writing style so evident there with just a little Twist of Humor. To get the full flavor of Mike Cook's writing, you'll have to delve back into his archives, but trust me, they are all well worth the effort and the trip.

This lady -formerly from England but now living these past twelve years in California -often needs a big Sweet TREAT to help her unwind and relax after her busy days with her family. She has four children - one who is a good bit older and living away from home and then she has three children, two sons and a daughter under the age of eleven who really keep her very busy. The two boys are both autistic -very high functioning but with some speech delays -and the things these kids do and say and the way she pokes fun at herself as she is trying to learn the best ways to enable the boys to have the best life possible -well, you just have to read Maddie's blog here and see for yourself!

And finally - I know you've often seen me point you in the direction of this blogger's place - the infamous Produce Manager down Georgia way. Yep, good old Meloncutter's Musings! There are times when his posts are definitely not for those easily offended or the faint of heart but they sure as heck are funny! He has his hands full these days as he, his son and another friend of his are trying to break into the music business with their recordings of their own original music pieces as well as many standards too. He works too many hours every week, has two teenage children, several pets and of course, his long-suffering wife to provide inspiration for his "musings" as well as his frequent issues with his job and the customers. Rarely, if you're in need of a little chuckle or a big belly laugh, does he disappoint. One word of advice though - regardless of how his post appears to be heading, DO NOT take the chance of having any type of beverage handy while reading his work as you could find yourself in dire need of cleaning up your monitor and keyboard and surrounding areas of your computer! Just take my word for it and don't delve into that type of risky business!

And so ends my awards for today. Enjoy - just don't overindulge in these SWEETS either!


Debo Blue said...

Jeni, will you send me the code to my Schmoozer's award? Or can I just copy and paste on my blog?

Mike Cook said...

Thanks for the mention Jeni. Now I have to stop daydreaming and write something new.