Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Having More Treats

Yesterday, I gave out this little Halloween TREAT to four bloggers, all relatively new to me, to my blog. In the spirit of Trick or Treating, I'm going to continue to give this TREAT out to several bloggers every day between now and Halloween. That means, over the next two weeks, hopefully I will have given a TREAT to at least everyone on my sidebar now as well as other new bloggers when I make additions to my blog.

Two great bloggers - Theresa and Hootin-anni gave this TREAT to me with the stipulation that it gets passed on to some other new, budding bloggers - or some old hands too who maybe deserve a little special recognition from time to time as well.

With that in mind then, here's my selections for today:

My first TREAT today goes to Mahala out in Frog Pond Holler (where ever that might be). She's got her hands full with "Bossman" -who sounds a bit like he might be one of my old supervisors at one of the Truckstops where I used to work as she says he's practicin' real hard to be a real "Schmuck." And then at her workplace she has "Bubbles" to contend with to say nothing of everyone back at home. Always somethin' ya know! I figure she could use just a little bit of a Halloween Treat. Check her out when you have a chance and see if you don't agree.

My second TREAT is for a special young lady in England - that "Cheeky little Brit" as Linda, the 911 Operator likes to call her. Right now, Miss Claire is a student studying to become a counselor, working here and there doing house sitting and bouncing back and forth to check on her Mum, who is in the hospital awaiting surgery. A busy young lady she is under normal circumstances with her hikes and trips to see her sister and two young nephews, she's really in need of a big TREAT right now and a reminder too that the next time she takes on a job house sitting, she makes sure the people have a computer WITH an internet connection she can use while working there too!

This next TREAT goes to a blogger buddy up in Canada who really could use a pick-me-upper right now! I tried to comment tonight on her blog and apparently blogger is being contrary with me and wouldn't let me in to give her a big "thumbs up" and a Woo hoo because she thinks she may have found a neat little part-time job that who knows, might develop into something with a few more hours a week too. From being suddenly unemployed, to now in a training position in a women's dress shop all the while, missing her TEEN son who decided last week to move to the big city, here's a big congrats to LatteGirl and plenty of sweets to see her through this phase and into a nice job for a change! You go, Girl!

And finally tonight, here's a TREAT going out to a great blogger out in northern California where he's busy as a fireman, a hunter/fisherman, cartoonist and photographer - just "Turning the Pages of Life" -working towards his retirement in the near future. But before that - like this weekend - Gene has organized a big blog event for anyone interested in learning more about other bloggers and the area of the world where each of us lives. It's not too late to sign up for this and it should be a lot of fun, great pictures, interesting tales about the various areas from which we all hail, don't 'cha think? Check out Gene's blog and sign up for it! And for being such a good friend, fellow blogger, all-around nice guy, here's a great big TREAT - just for you Gene!

Enjoy a little bit of sweet TREAT from me to each of you!

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Smalltown RN said...

Now how sweet is's just like you...pass the sweetness around...good on you my friend...I think I am due to check out some new blogs....I think I will start with some of the ones you mentioned....I know Claire but the others are new to me....thanks for passing it on to them...cheers...