Thursday, January 10, 2013

This I Can Understand!!!

Ah ha! Finally. Something that I can follow, understand, see the usefullness for items like this too!

Just did a search for a link for an item - laptop computer carts - and although the message at the top of the page is a bit confusing -it says in essence this is the wrong page but yet, it's showing items I actually recognize and understand a good bit about how/why they are used too.

So there's yet another link I found that was actually rather easy for me to find and see for myself then too that I had something that fit the agenda anyway.

Sometimes, some of these searches leave me questioning a whole lot of things so I'm always happy though when something I understand is what pops up for me.

No problems finding it and no questions in my mind as to whether this is what is being looked for either that way.

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