Saturday, January 12, 2013

Boy's Night Out

Tonight, Mandy was asked by a very close friend of hers if she would be willing to come to their house and babysit for their two children -one of whom is near to Kurt's age and also, just happens to be autistic, as is Kurtis. Mandy's friend told her this would be the very first time anyone, other than a family member, has stayed with their children so they could have a night out, as a couple. Knowing how difficult it can be to have a sitter available that the kids are comfortable around and who also would be comfortable with one NT child and one autistic, Mandy told her she would be happy to stay with the kids for them. Because her friend's son and Kurtis are close in age and both have a lot of very similar issues -as well as little quirks too -Mandy arranged to take Kurtis with her for this outing. Her friend's son told his mother to tell Kurtis to be sure to bring his "Bear-Bear" -a combination stuffed bear/pillow which both boys have and it's their security item too. The really funny thing about the boys and their Bear-Bears is that both of them make chirping noises -almost identical! Imagine that, will ya!!! We were all quite amazed to learn that aspect about both the kids' Bear-Bears! To avoid a long, very elongated, departure and big scene, possibly a meltdown, when it was time for Mandy and Kurtis to leave, she hadn't told Maya about this adventure of hers tonight and which Kurtis was going to get to share with her. Darned good thing she did it that way too because we would have heard tons and tons of wailing and whining and gnashing of teeth for sure if she had told Maya this bit of news early in the afternoon. I'd probably be deaf by now! Maya wasn't pleased with the announcement -no sirree, Bob! Even when it was pointed out to her that last weekend, she got to spend two full days down in Lebanon with her Mom's bestest friend, Missy, and her family while Kurtis, poor little guy, got to have "quality" time here with Grammy. Not so sure that he considered that an equal switch there! Although, he and I had a very relaxing two days together, bonding a bit more and with no hassles from any big sister who thinks -most of the time -that someone has already passed the Queen Bee's crown on to her head! Thankfully, the irritation Maya had initially did pass and so far -about an hour to an hour and a half into the evening with Gram, Jeff, Cass and Anaveh, she's adjusting okay. Now, everyone say a prayer that it continues through when it is time for the girls to go to bed! (And yes, I know, I am quite the dreamer, aren't I? But, it could happen, ya know!)

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terri said...

I'm sure Kurtis is enjoying having some special time with Mom and a friend. I'll bet he has so much fun that he falls asleep exhausted at bed time.