Saturday, January 12, 2013

This Has Alwayts Upset Me!

Wanna know something that irks me and has hit me in that way for many, many years now too? It's advertisements I get in the mail as well as on my e-mail -sometimes from insurance companies I already deal with, or from a bank or stock broker, etc. trying to get me to check out sites like this one or others that deal with IRAs and annuities and the like.

Why, you ask did this annoy me or why does it still bother me?

Mainly because for one thing -as is often the case about things like this -it is something I don't fully understand but that part is a minor issue.

It's really because what I do understand of these things is fine -a great way to try to insure financial solvency in one's retirement, sure -but for those like myself who never earned enough while working to even save a measly $100 bucks period (minimum wage and lower level paying jobs leave very little to put into any kind of savings, IRA or annuity, ya know), this was always something that was a bit out of the question then for me.

And now, that I am considered retired, it's definitely not an option for me.

And, furthermore, I wish these companies would not keep me on their mailings since I certainly never wrote and inquired about any of these services!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it too!

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terri said...

Annoying for sure! I get more "junk" in my email than I get legitimate emails sometimes.