Saturday, January 12, 2013

Looking for Home Repair Stuff?

Now here's something I came across that we might need to look into for the house here but when I saw it, I thought at first about a couple -friends of mine since my school days (yeah, a long, long time ago, I know) -that they might be interested into looking into since they live just across the North Carolina-Virginia line.

It's this - replacement windows Hampton, VA.

As I think about this type of stuff with respect to this old house, I'd like to think that we shouldn't be in need of something like this -at least just not yet as I have had all new windows placed in this old barn of a house within the past 20-24 years so, one would hope, they would still be in good enough condition, wouldn't you?

However, a couple of the windows I had put in when the living room was redone are the type that wind out to open and they bring with them a problem I didn't anticipate when they were purchased and installed.

They create pretty large draft areas -especially the spot on the rim of the window where the lever is located that you use to open or to clamp shut the window! Well, as cold as it often gets in this part of the Pennsylvania mountains, any little gap when the temps are below zero outside can create a bit of an icy breeze in the room -especially if you happen to be sitting directly in front of one of those windows!

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Maggie May said...

Its really cold here today and it seems that even the best of double glazing still lets in a draught.
All our windows are getting on in age now! We will have to put up with it and put on another fleece!
Maggie x

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