Friday, January 11, 2013

A Maid Would Be Nice....

A very dear friend of mine from way, way back in time, and I communicate via Facebook almost every day. We compare notes about all kinds of things going on at this stage in our lives when we are each home all day long and have so much fun and excitement, ya know, to look forward too much of the time.

Much of that time the fun and excitement involves one of two things -housework or cooking! But I came across this today in my surfing travels and although I have no idea how close she lives to this area in North Carolina but just for the heck of it, I'm gonna mention to her next time she tells me about all the carpeting she has that needs vacuumed or shampooed, that she get her husband to let her look into dealing with Raleigh carpet cleaning.

Now I know if it were me and I had a choice about things like this, I think I'd much rather just have a maid but well, I know that will never be an option in my life and, come to think of it, neither would hiring even just a carpet cleaning crew.

One of the small advantages I guess there to having mostly all hardwood floors -even if they are in dire need of refinishing after a century of use, ya know.

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