Thursday, January 10, 2013

Questions and more questions

Here's something I really wonder about and definitely do not understand how this does work in some cases and in others, not at all.

If you are from this region you probably recall that a few years ago -I think it was 7 or maybe 8 years this past springtime, you may recall the District Attorney -Ray Gricar -in the county neighboring ours -suddenly and COMPLETELY disappeared! Just poof. One minute he was here, the next -gone like the wind!  'Although his daughter finally did have him declared dead due to the number of years he has been missing, it's still considered very much an active case on the records and information is still being gleaned too about this case from time to time. Just no luck in locating him, still.

One factor in this case that I don't comprehend concerns his laptop computer -which initially was missing and then, eventually was found in the murky waters of the Susquehanna River, near the little mini-mall where is Mini-Cooper was also located and which has pretty much been established as being the last known place where he was seen.

When the computer was found though, it brought a big stir of excitement that now, the FBI and really heavy-duty computer tech type personnel could take it apart and check the hard drive there to see any files stored on said machine.

However, that led to disappointment when it was announced there was no retrievable data on said lap top!

And this is where I get confused about this stuff.

It's an advertisement about something you can purchase to erase sensitive data from a computer and then reformat hard drive vista so no trace would be found of said data on said computer.

In the ad it also states that even when a person cleans and thinks they've erased all sensitive data, that a person with only basic computer knowledge may still be able to locate  one's really personal data and read it!

Well here's my question then. If one only need basic computer knowledge to search and find this kind of data, why couldn't the people with the FBI -supposedly the best computer tracking people in this country, perhaps in the world, find anything at all salvagable on Mr. Gricar's computer.

Or maybe he had a really early version of this program mentioned here above and had erased all his sensitive data all by himself?

Just wondering there as one side has to be correct and the other wrong -but which is it in this case?

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