Friday, January 11, 2013

Gray Day

Not my favorite kind of day today. Skies are totally gray, no other color at all even mixed in and it was raining -mostly a misty type rain, but rain, all the same. Some people really like rain. I'm not quite one of those people though! Not. Even. Close. I know we need rain and I can accept it on that basis a lot of the time. But rain, in the winter months, increases my feelings of the "blahs." And, the fact that I have no choice but to go take a walk in the rain because I have to take Sammy out for his twice-a-day (at least) strolls, makes exposure to this stuff mandatory then. So today, after several delays, a bit of procrastination on my part, Sam and I finally got ready to take a walk. He was really deliriously happy when he realized I was getting ready to go outside as I donned Mandy's multi-colored rainboot, my heavy jacket, tied a knit scarf over my head and ears and pulled the hood up on my jacket to further cover my head. I looked more like I was ready to head out into a blizzard. But thankfully, when we started out, the rainfall had subsided so the only time either of us got wet was from the melting snow on the roof as the water dripped off the overhang in front of the front door! We walked up to pick up the mail at our postal boxes -a rather fruitless trip in that all that was in our box was an advertisement for next week's sale items at a grocery store about 14 miles down the line from us. Oh well, at least it held no bills today so that's a bonus, isn't it? Be thankful for all things that come our way -the big and the small -and I'm trying to practice that some more today.

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terri said...

We had that same kind of weather here today. Yuck!

Are you taking Vitamin D supplements? Someone recommended them to me to help with the winter blues. I found a type called Mega-D. Really seems to be helping!