Saturday, January 12, 2013

Comforting To Know About -Maybe?

So, here I am on a roll here, doing a bit of a surfing safari and finding all kinds of nice, sometimes, strange and rather weird things but in general, most of my landings have given me some interesting, shall we say, fodder.

Virtually everything from soup to nuts -sort of.

Here's something that might be good to know if someone is having some employment issues though I would hope that no one would need to be in touch with Sexual Harassment Lawyers San Diego as that's a pretty sticky wicket to deal with, ya know.

Although during my working lifetime, I did have to deal with some issues pertaining to discrimination on the job front, none of it ever involved the sexual harassment, thankfully! But, unfair labor and pay practices back in my early working years was a prevalent thing then. Also, that was way before the Whisleblower Act came into being so if anyone tried to sue their employers back then, it could be really risky to your career potential even in a city as large as Washington, D.C. Amazing how long and how far an employer's arms can reach if a worker "crosses" their boss, ya know.

So anyway, here's hoping no one I know ever has to call on an attorney for help along the above mentioned lines with their job nor with any other kind of work-related problems either, for that matter.

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