Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bake Tonight or Not?

That is the question rolling through my mind this evening -- should I mix up a batch of the sweet rolls tonight or procrastinate a bit longer -like until next week sometime most likely -to make some of these lovely treats.

I've said almost every day this past week now that my intentions -each day -were that I was going to back some Swedish Rye Bread, as well as the Sweet Rolls too. Okay, I did bake the rye bread but not until Friday night and I didn't finish that job until well after 2 this morning.

Now, since my plans had originally been to also make the Sweet Rolls -I know I could mix them up easily enough if I started right now and I could have these done well before midnight too as they don't take quite as long a time to make as does the Rye bread.

So, what's keeping me from fulfilling my plans for this week, albeit a bit late?

Ya know, I'll be darned if I know the answer to that question.

I think I'll just toss a coin and let "heads or tails" decide the answer for me.

Although, I really do think it would be better for me and all concerned if I just got my fat fanny up and moving and baked them tonight. That way, we could have some nice fresh homemade sweet rolls for a quick breakfast treat in the morning!

Yeah, that sounds like a good game plan to me!

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terri said...

Sometimes, as much as I know I SHOULD be doing something, it's just so hard to make myself get started. Although, sweet rolls for breakfast seems like good motivation to me!