Monday, January 07, 2013

Help Needed -For Me!

Boy, what a way to enter the New Year!

Sniffles, a little scratchiness in the throat but nothing that seemed too dire -at least not at first -and then, boom! The sucker hits me!

Sort of like a head cold but slightly different although not the flu, thank goodness for that small favor. Just a head that was so stuffed up last week that I thought I was going to have it explode on me at times!

Garnered some allergy-type/cold tablets and some nite-time cold/cough meds and finally, today am feeling mucho better. Only lost the better part of the week after New Year's Day in the process but at least I'm still around to talk about it!

Now, I'm so far behind -and I was already VERY far behind last week when this junk hit me and sure didn't need anything to slow me down any more, but it did. Boy, did it ever!

Other than leaving the house at least once a day (occasionally when the weather wasn't too nasty, I'd go out a second time later in the day) to walk the dog, Saturday night was the first I ventured out to do ANYTHING outside the house all week.

And then, that was to make a run to Walmart with Kurtis along -since he and I were the only ones home over the weekend -so that we could go get something to eat as I sure didn't feel much like cooking anything just for the two of us -and I also had to pick up a couple of items needed as well.

We came home with the purchases I go -one of which just happened to be a skein of yarn, bulky-knit type yarn, in a deep burgundy shade that Kurtis selected for me to make him a pair of mittens. Sunday morning when he got up, one of the first things he said to me was "Where are my new mittens?" Hmmm. The boy must think Grammy is some kind of speed demon knitter apparently. I informed him that I had to find a pattern to use to make them and that, plus the fact it does take a little bit of time to knit those things, but I would get on that task as soon as I could.

He nodded understanding of that and began to walk away but then, as an afterthought, turned and informed me, "Well, I need a scarf too, ya know!"

Alrighty! I'll get right on that too, my dear!

So here I am now with one mitten finished but not enough yarn to do the second one much less a scarf, so I'll have to have Mandy pick up some extra yarn today for me when she goes over to Clearfield for an appointment she and Maya have there today.

Tomorrow night, I have a meeting to go to at church -for our Women's group -and one of the things I need to discuss with them is how things are proceeding with the sales of our Cookbook. A year ago, our group published a cookbook -a very nice piece, I might add too -as it has 586 recipes in it of all types of foods but with a lot that are of the Swedish ethnicity (which is a bit prevalent in our church) and it's in a beautiful 3-ring binder that has a cover which is easy-to-clean washable. Some really great recipes in it.

I'd like to find a way to market the book better now though as we ordered a reprint in November of this book and I don't want these extra copies sitting around here too long, taking up space when they could be put to some good use in someone's home. Maybe I need to sign up for triangle direct media reviews to get some extra publicity out there about this cookbook!  Need to do something, that's for sure!

Here's a picture of the cover of our cookbook. Just so you know I'm telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how pretty our cookbook is!

If this appeals to anyone out there today reading my lovely blog, feel free to let me know and I can give you all the particulars about this literary masterpiece -actually "culinary masterpiece" I should say -and how you too can acquire a copy of this cookbook for yourself or for a great gift for anyone on your list -birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, moving out, moving in, etc., etc.!

Okay, now time to move on to a few other things and try to get my year revamped and off to a different start, a week late, but better late than never, I guess!


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terri said...

Hope you're feeling much better now. Seems it's that time of year - only a lucky few escape getting some kind of virus or another.