Saturday, January 12, 2013

Expanded Vocabulary?

It's another weekend here and things are busy, yes -as we have company again. Jeff and his two young daughters are here.

Some weekends things go fairly smoothly with the extra two children in the house. Then there are other weekends that could be compared to being total disasters on the home front too. Kids do get into squabbles easily and also, often very frequently.

So far today, things haven't gotten too out of proportion. Although about an hour or so ago, Cass came downstairs, looking for her dad, as she desperately needed to tell him something.

What it was, actually, was the need to rat Kurtis out by informing her Dad that Kurtis "said a bad word."

As it turned out, when this happened, Jeff was unavailable as he was in the shower so Mandy said she could and would handle the issue.

So when Kurtis happened to come downstairs shortly thereafter, Mandy cornered him to talk to him about his behavior and she said that Cass had said he had said a bad word. (A whole lot of weekend life here does seem to involve lots and lots of "He said, She said" or "She said, She said" type of things ya know.)

Anyway, Mandy asked Kurt if he had said a bad word and, as is his norm, he said "Yes." (Most of the time, he's very honest about these lapses in his behavior.) So she asked him what words he had said and I know she was hoping it would be a misunderstanding of what words actually do constitute a :"bad word" as sometimes the kids do get a bit mixed up on that.

Unfortunately, this time, Cass was correct as he had used a bad word.

What was that bad word coming from this 6-year-old's mouth?


I have to confess it was really hard for me not to let out an audible snicker there as I was biting my tongue and my lip. Turns out, Mandy had the same problem with that confession of his too.

Neither of us is condoning his blueish vocabulary slipups, mind you, but the context in which he used it still seems a bit strange to both of us.

When asked why he said that to his sister and Cass, his response was because they had come into his room.

Hmmm. Not sure why he thought using that word was an appropriate response to the girls. Anyone else have any ideas why he would have chosen to say that one word to them?

Guess it's just something else of Kurt's little quirky responses to things.

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terri said...

Well, even though he may have used it out of context, I'll bet he knows enough to understand that when someone is opposed (usually to another's opinion), they use that word. He wasn't opposing an opinion, but he knew he was opposed to the girls coming in his room!