Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Brand Names

Just out of curiosity, how do you shop?

Do you search every nook and cranny for the best bargain price available or do your purchases have to be made at a store that carries only the top name brand merchandise?

Sometimes, I will venture into one of the fancier stores around here, but rarely can I ever find anything that suits my tastes as well as my purse. I might see things that I really LOVE but then, when I glance at the ticket price, I drop that baby like a hot potato, for sure. Granted, every now and again, if you have the time to comb those stores every day, searching their clearance racks, you can, from time to time, find something on sale that is actually affordable.

But who has the time available to go to these stores every day just to look around?

A few years back, when I was working away from home for several months, I took a job as a sales clerk at one of the large department stores in that area working evenings and weekends.

Though I didn't work every day (night) of the week, after a while, I noticed there was this one lady who came in virtually every shift I worked and always bought several things. After a while, I mentioned about how regular a customer she was to one of my supervisors and she laughed at my observation.

She's regular alright. She comes in every day and buys some stuff and then, the very next day, she brings it all back! Her interpretation of this lady was that she was a compulsive shopper in that she just liked the thrill of shopping but had no intention of ever keeping any of her purchases. To me, that seemed like a total waste of time, but then again, some people think the hours I spend embroidering things -that may take me weeks to finish -is also a waste of time too. To each his own I guess.

A while back, one of my kids was "fishing" -asking me various questions to try to get a bead on what I might like for my birthday or for Christmas. I hate those conversations because I really don't think about it as to what I want or need until something happens or comes up and then, oops -I don't have a thing to wear for this or that event. Know what I mean?

Well the subject of watches came up and it was suggested -since I no longer have a working wristwatch -that a nice watch would be a nice thing for me to receive. A sales flyer had come in the mail earlier that week from a jewelry store where my one daughter had worked part-time for several years and it was pointed out to me that they were having a big sale on Bulova watches and wouldn't one of those be just dandy for me?

Well, I looked over the brochure and yes, I did see several watches that were very attractive. However, there was just one small problem with those, in my opinion. I wouldn't be able to wear any of them!

I have this problem you see. It's called contact dermatitis and any metal that touches my skin -as in jewelry -bracelets, necklaces, earrings -will within a short period of time make that area itch like there is no tomorrow and break out then as well. So what's the point of paying a premium price for something for which you'll get no peaceful usage? Even if the item is on sale at a great price, there is no bargain there for me if it's going to cause me to break out in a very nasty looking, itchy, red rash.

I'm just as happy getting some little watch with a plastic type wristband -so long as the back of the face of the watch is covered with that same type of material.

That's my logic and I'm sticking to it!


Maggie May said...

If you have some idea of what you want then it is just a question of going into a store & finding it.
I am spoilt for shops where I live and can get most things.
Otherwise do you have catalogue shopping in USA? Just browse through & order.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

terri said...

It seems that the latest trend is a watch with a plastic or rubber-looking band. I see them everywhere and for very reasonable prices. This might be the perfect time for you to get a new watch!