Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sometimes, I Really am a Mindreader....

This is gonna be one of those "I told you so" kind of posts.

Remember, I posted something right after Christmas about the kids and some gifts and music and such? I'm too tired tonight to go back and track it down and copy specifics from it but I do believe I mentioned in that post though about Santa apparently having a bit of few loose marbles in the gift selection department when he dropped off a childsize, but still viable guitar for Kurtis.

Especially given the fact that the kid is only 6 years old and no one here in the house knows diddly squat whatsoever about how to play a guitar so no one can even give him a teensy bit of a lesson, ya know.

I did however try to caution him that he should NOT be turning those buttons at the top of the neck of the guitar because they were very necessary to stay the way they were unless there were someone available who know exactly how to use them to make sure the guitar was "in tune."

Then I thought too -hmmm, How do I explain what I mean by something being "in tune" to this little kid?

As it is, I'm am just somewhat peeved because you see, apparently Kurtis paid no attention to my words of warning about tightening -or screwing with -those knobs at the top of the guitar neck because I see the first of those lovely strings has now been popped -just like a big old balloon ya know!

Oh well, live and learn?

Maybe next year, Santa might want to ask Grammie's opinion now and again.

Just saying.

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