Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beautiful, Simply Beautiful!

I'm often a bit leery every day when I get my gear ready to take Sammy out for our first walk of the day.

Why? Well, because appearances outside may just be really deceiving.

It can be a sunny day in the wintertime here, and look really nice out but there often is quite the bite in the air if the temperatures aren't exactly in tune with the sun beaming down on the earth. Other times, it can look dark and gloomy -the deep winter type of darkness, ya know -and you go outside and are surprised that it may actually be a lot warmer than one would expect in say December, much less in January.

That's been especially true last year at this time and again, this year too as the way things look from the inside looking out may fool a person into thinking that it's warmer -or colder -than it appears to be.

Today though, was not a fooler day!

The sun was shining so nicely, I didn't notice any wind blowing the tree branches that are pretty much devoid of leaves now when I was getting my clothes ready to go outside but, because I've often been betrayed by the appearance of lots of sunshine accompanied though by low temperatures, I figured to be on the safe side I would need to wear my scarf, mittens and even a hat to be sure to be warm enough to walk Sammy.

Well, we stepped out on to the sidewalk and what a pleasant surprise it was to realize how warm theair actually was.

Granted it still had enough nip to it that it made my nose water and run but then too, that often happens to me in weather even warmer than it was today! But still, it was so lovely to walk with him and enjoy the bright sunshine, the beauty of the sun reflecting off the snow and glistening oh, so pretty.

Now, if only every winter day could be like this one was. Wouldn't that just be totally loverly?

Well, it sure would for me!

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