Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Entertainers Here!

It's been a crazy, zany week here since my last post. I'm finally getting my sinus back to acting semi-normal after a long haul for over the two weeks prior to this when it seemed my system couldn't decide if it wanted to launch into a full-fledged head cold, a sinus infection or bronchitis but must have landed on the Sinus issues because though I felt like I was getting one of the three, only the sinus problems lingered with me. Till this morning when I woke up feeling like that same thing was going to start up all over again but after a couple cups of coffee, my system seemed to reject those potential issues after all. Yay, Yay, Coffee is Great!

 I spent the majority of my time last week relaxing in my recliner, working on a table topper which I finally finished completely Saturday afternoon. Such a relief whenever I get another project polished off! Now, I have completed 3 table toppers and a table runner since early December -all items with a Christmas Theme -and today, I started work on yet another Christmas themed table topper. This one is done in cross stitch (not the counted cross stitch though) and has one large poinsettia in each corner. Looks very pretty in the photo on the kit envelope so hope it turns out that way for me!

Mandy was under the weather last week -most of the week, as a matter of fact. She even called off sick on Thursday so anytime she calls of work, you know she's really feeling pretty low.

 Kurtis has been quite the chatterbox lately and many of his comments are really comical. He announced the other day to his mother "I'm really something, huh, Mom?" Yes indeed you are that -really some thing! He fell the other night, running through the living room, into the dining room where he went into a skid and bumped his knee on the leg of the dining room table. Crying, he calls to his Mom and she asks him if he can get up. He says "I'll try." And, he stands up then attempts to walk the 2-3 feet over to where she's sitting. But the walk was something I wished I'd had my camera right beside me and set on video -because his walking was hysterically funny as he tried to limp but was doing it so that it looked like his ankles (both) as well as both knees too were all buckling under on him! Mandy looked at his "ouchies" area and announced that we'd probably have to go to the ER because it definitely looked like he had broken his legs -both of them and every bone there! He looked at her questioningly then asked, "Will I have to get a cast?" and Mandy told him to ask me what I thought. Okay -it was obvious there was nothing broken -so no problems really -but I told him that yes, definitely would need a cast and on both legs from his feet up to his behind! Suddenly, the limping stopped and he was moving just fine and dandy from then on.

Yesterday, was a big day for Maya though as the Children's Choir was singing at the church service and she was to sing one verse of the hymn, "Jesus Loves Me" and one of the boys in the choir was to sing another verse so she was quite excited over the fact that she was going to have a solo performance then. I did manage to get a video of the kids and their number. Maya and the little boy -Noah -both did quite well with their solos but Kurtis apparently decided to jazz things up a bit and did his own solo -but it was a dance number. That boy just can not stand still, AT ALL!

Saturday evening though, Mandy had to go to Walmart to get her phone card renewed so she decided we would go over to State College and also, get something to eat over there. We decided on Crackerbarrel because she has been there before but I had not so it was a nice outing then for me. Had a nice meal, as did Mandy, and the kids both ate their food very well too -which means that there was very little reprimanding of their behavior at the restaurant. They were both fascinated with the decor in the place and especially the gift shop part! Maya was very interested in looking a baby items -especially some really cute little girl outfits in the newborn sizes and wanted us to purchase one of the little dress items for baby Lola -who should be arriving on the scene probably within the next 2 weeks or so. She's so enthralled with the idea that she will be an aunt to Katie's baby and can't wait now till the baby arrives. Most every Wednesday, she attends an after school program at the church across the road from the school and her TSS takes her there, then brings her home. After the school program is over, they almost always stop by the used clothes area at the church and inevitably, Maya comes home with at least one, sometimes several little baby items she has found there for a newborn baby girl! And she's so proud of her purchases too all of which, thus far, have actually been some very nice little items for the baby.

Saturday morning though, my son stopped by to have coffee and time to chat with me and his sister. He has a crazy sense of humor under normal circumstances but that morning, he was in rare form! His girl friend has three boys -twins, age 7 and  then, the younger boy who is a real live wire and is four.

Clate had both Mandy and I absolutely cracking up as he was describing the state of his house these days with those three kids, two dogs (both big dogs too) and I think at last count, they also have 3 cats too. Anyway, he says that there is no surface anywhere in his entire house that doesn't have a sticky surface to it now! Between the boys, the dogs, the cats -he also said that he's convinced if you move their sofa out from the wall to try to clean under there, there will be a horde of sticky aliens that will explode out into the room!

That last comment of his about the "sticky aliens" had me laughing periodically throughout the rest of the day as, out of the blue it seemed, I would suddenly have this vision in my mind's eye of what a "horde of sticky aliens" must look like escaping from their prison under the couch!

I think Mandy and Katie both had an overload of Inaugural activities on the TV today though as Mandy made a comment at supper that she was figuring on going upstairs to her room early tonight, and reconnecting up her TV set there because she felt that way she might be able to find something to watch that didn't involve the inauguration, the lunch, the parade and heaven forbid, the Balls too!

However, she ended up glued to the computer and her Facebook page and I fell asleep in front of the TV and totally missed seeing my normal evening viewing of reruns of The Big Bang Theory tonight! Drat! I do love that crazy show!

And that takes me up to now and it's time to go to bed!

Gonna go and hopefully have some pleasant dreams about the President's address today to replace my normal nightmares that I am back working as a waitress at the Truckstop!

Peace, All!


Maggie May said...

I loved that singing and think they all did very well.... Kurtis too!
Hope you are all feeling better now.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

The kid's video was precious! And I'm not the sort of guy to use the word "precious", so that means a lot!

I had all sorts of nasty stuff happening with my nose a couple of days ago, lasting for a couple of days - I'd sneeze a couple of times, then my nose would start letting loose with enough snot to float a boat. Yuck! After blowing and snuffling and wiping for an hour or so, I'd take a couple of allergy pills, it would all be fine for a few hours, then I'd sneeze again and the whole cycle started over. This went on through about ten or twelve allergy pills. No idea what was causing it.