Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day's End...

Boy, I got so carried away this evening baking 4 dozen sweet rolls and 2 coffee cakes as well (coffee cakes are just bread dough rolled up and shaped like a wreath and then frosted) that I forgot I hadn't signed off the computer.

Until Mandy came home tonight and wanted to know what on earth I was doing looking at stuff online about guitars and stuff like. She asked me "What are you planning to do, go shop gibson hummingbird?

And at the mention of Gibson guitars and such, that perked Jeff's ears up then. I had no idea he was interested in guitars! Amazing the things you learn about people in really offhanded, round-about ways, isn't it?

Then he informed us that's what he'd like to buy. Yeah, right -you wanna buy that! I told him start saving and maybe you can buy it with your raise! (That's an old joke that's been part of my vernacular since the old days of yore when I worked in D.C. for a non-profit who shall henceforth be unmentionable here for my own reasons of secrecy! But that place wasn't at the time I worked there one of the better places to work, salary-wise, so we all (the gang I hung out with) always used to say about things we'd like to get that "I'll get it with my raise!" which meant simply you were never gonna get said item!)

So anyway, now I know Jeff has some pretty expensive tastes, for sure, doesn't he? But then again, if he does have any talent and would be able to practice a lot, study really hard and give it a whirl, who knows but maybe he'd be some big talent winner on American Idol (nah, too old for that now I think) but maybe one of the other talent shows on these days.

I think I'll stick to my original sentence to him that he can buy it with his raise!

And now, I think I'm gonna go collapse as my back and legs are killing me tonight from being on my feet from 6:30 solid until almost midnight!

This old lady is really ready for this day to end!

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CiCi said...

You did a lot of baking! I use gluten free flour and bake very little these days, however, I am not losing weight. I still find plenty of other things to eat and overeat. Ha.

My ex played guitar and I enjoyed listening to it every day. I miss it. If Jeff wants to get a guitar, there are lots of very good used ones for sale. Tell him to look on Musicians Friend.