Monday, October 01, 2012

Rant Hall of Fame?

One of my good Blogger friend, Jim -AKA Suldog -sent me a comment this morning in reference to a comment I had made to his post late last week. Doing what I'm known for doing from time to time, I exercised my option to do a mini-post on his post in the form of my comment. His response to me was that my comment to his post really should go in the Rant Hall of Fame! Well, I don't know if any such place exists but if it does, I'm sure Jim would be one of the first who would qualify, hands down, for many entries into such a place because when he decides to state his mind about things, he lets fly and Katie bar the door then! So, anyway, I decided to take him up on his suggestion to share my little rant-comment here with everyone! Meaning maybe Jim and the 3 or 4 others who still read my drivel! Jim's post -titled Troglodyte -is about his wife's recent purchase of a cell phone and his thoughts/theories on that subject. I do recommend you read his post before moving on to reading my comments on that post though -things will make a lot more sense that way. My comments constitute my opinion about cell phones which isn't really something I love and adore! Cell phones and I are not best buddies! I have a cell phone now and I think in the year since it was given to me (by my son and his girlfriend for my birthday last year) I think I have made maybe 6 phonecalls at the most on it! They got it for me because they thought it would be a good thing for me to have so if my car breaks down -or I get lost someplace out in the boonies around here -I can call someone for help! Fat joke that is! For openers, if I were to get lost out in these boondocks, odds are generally NOT in favor of my being able to call for help because ....Verizon needs to do a whole lot more of the "Can you hear me now?" work in this area. If I were to need emergency help at my house, I would have to drive my jeep out of the village -up the hills and over the creeks to Verizon's service available site you know in order to call for an ambulance or whatever! And to reach one of my kids via their cell phones? Oh pleeeaassee! Give me a friggin' break as they always are having one problem or another with their cell phones! (BTW, my son got my phone as a freebie, offered to people of a certain age and up -as an emergency convenience. I get 240 freebie minutes per month and right now, my available number of minutes available for my usage is around 1500 minutes or some such equally obscene number. And don't even think about trying to tell me how much cheaper it is to have a cell phone than a land line either! I've seen my daughter's phone bills (cell type) as well as my son's) and no way did my phone bill come close to what they pay each money since younger daughter got caught having run my landline bill up with over $90 in long distance phone calls back in the day when there was no such thing as "free long distance calling coast to coast." (I told her to please get an f'ing friend whose number did not involve dialing "1" at the beginning of the call -not that it worked exactly, but the calls she made did subside a little bit anyway! A really long story -maybe even worthy of a blog post on that topic provided I remember having mentioned this here tonight as I'm trying to medicate my nerves into sleep with my second triple shot of Kaluha on the rocks! Also another long, long story which doubtful that it will be post worthy -ever! Oh and if you ever do get a cellphone of your own, with text capacity, be very careful of what you choose to use as your signal that you have incoming text. Daughter's phone gives out with a whistle that had me thinking every freaking time I heard it that our neighbor was out in the yard whistling for their dog to come home!

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