Friday, October 05, 2012

Work Wanted...

This week, I did something I really hadn't thought I would have to do again -ever. I went searching on my computer for copies I had on file of my resume.

I had to retire via disability back in 2004 (actually that dates back to March of 2003, but what difference does a couple of months make. Right?

Anyway, because of the health issues I have had over the past 9 years now, as well as now being of an age when I am considered to be "retired" and no longer collecting disability but rather regular retirement social security, apparently I figured I would never again have to update my resume because if there's nothing changed on the old one, no need to upgrade it.


But all things considered in my life today -like it or not -whether I am actually capable of handling either a full-time or a art-time form of employment, my income and budget is such now that applying for employment regardless of the number of hours offered, all too many of the jobs advertised in this area either involve more physical labor than mental -it seems -and to be honest, I'm really not sure if I can handle employment now after being out of the job market for close to 10 years now.

However, my budget dictates that I need to at least apply, hopefully be granted an interview for pretty much any position.

Recently, I was told of a position open within an agency here that works with clients who have issues along the mental health lines and I was also told that this company doesn't actually need more than a bachelor's degree in some type of counseling -which is the area of my major -and so here I am now needing to update my good old resume.

Apparently, I had figured I wouldn't need a resume ever again though but at least it does look like those thoughts were of the incorrect because to apply for the above position, I have to submit an application for employment along with that dreadful thing called a resume.

Frankly, all I really want to be able to do now is to find some type of employment that would possibly, preferably use my resume and what qualifications I think I still have and not something like washing dishes or perhaps ringing up sales for various little convenience type stores in this region.

Truthfully though, all I really want is the opportunity to once again be in a position whereby I have to fill in employee attendance forms that would indicate I am once again gainfully employed some where in some capacity!

And if that employment happens to be with this particular counseling agency, that would make me one very happy camper.

Now, how can I word things on my resume that would create a believer from that agency that I can still be a good employee, that I still have knowledge and ability along with wisdom and common sense to be able to secure employment with said agency?

I hate resumes and trying to word them in a way that -in my mind -does nothing but overglorify the work a person has done and doesn't take into consideration the things a person has learned without the good old  job force. I mean really now -how can you word the duties required of what you did as a waitress in such a way as to show the inner workings of that type of work and portrays them as having significance in the working world as we all know it? That hits me pretty much like listening to political candidates bragging over and over -often lying over and over too -about "see me, what a great job I did and how difficult this work is" as being the bottom line.

But, I really do need a job and this one does seem very much like the kind of work I wanted to do all along with my particular degree and my course of study. So, please, give me ideas as to how to word this thing -the resume -and my previous work experience in such a manner that my kids can say too, "yeah, my Mom did that -or this or something else.

Any and all offers of assistance in the art of writing what in essence would probably turn out looking like a "snow job" for the employer I am asking nicely to at least grant me an interview and hopefully -actually see that I am indeed, a very viable potential employee.

Yeah -I can see that working! Can't you?

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