Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kissing October Goodbye!

This is the sight that greeted the kids this morning when they opened the front door to leave for school!

Boy, the sight of the snow resting on the treetops across the road from our house sure did provide a whole lot of excitement for Kurtis as he came running into the living room, practically shouting at me, "It's SNOWING, Gram! It's SNOWING!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not the first time I've seen snow and if I survive today, I'm pretty sure it won't be the last time I'll see it either. (Well, as unimpressed as I seem to be about the early snowfall, I do kind of hope that I will get to see snow again this winter season.)

I posted this photo and two others of the snow on the ground here this morning on my Facebook and that garnered a comment from my son which indicated his extreme dislike for this weather today! He actually compared my posting of the snow scenes (such as they are/were) as being akin to posting child porn! Imagine that, will ya? Of course, the fact that he's an over-the-road trucker may have a whole lot to do with his attitude though about snow, don't 'cha think?

This week has been one that has been really horrific for so many people along the eastern seaboard -especially New York City and the entire coast of New Jersey. Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, clear up to Maine have all been affected by this storm called Sandy and after seeing tv reports as well as reading newspaper accounts, looking at photos upon more photos on Facebook, I don't think any of us, regardless of where we live along the eastern part of this country, will ever forget the last days of October of 2012!

To look at pictures, to read about the damage incurred by this vicious storm system -most aptly nicknamed "Frankenstorm" - it is almost impossible to fathom how incredible, how catastrophic, the carnage is from Sandy. It does truly boggle the mind but it also gives one pause to think and to be thankful that the area where I live is among the fortunate places to live. Work and income may not be the best in this region but rarely do we get hit really hard by weather related events. Knock on wood that we stay safe, free from the really bad ravages of wind, rain, ice, sleet, snow and drought!

This past month as not been a good month in several other respects too though.

The Presidential Campaign is about to end with the election next Tuesday and the way it has been played out, it can't end a minute too soon to suit me!

The animosity, the acrimony, the sheer nastiness (as well as often too, the stupidity) of so many of the campaign ads playing on TV, the interviews, videos, articles written have all seemed to reach the bottom of the barrel now with respect to civility.

We had four debates -three between the presidential candidates and one between the two running for vice president. I didn't watch the first one but did watch most of the other three and if they were indicative of the amount of information someone could get from watching the debates, then in my opinion, getting voters who are truly informed of the stance of either candidate will be next to impossible! Who in blazes could understand any of the issues from watching the debates what with each one constantly interrupting the other and when you could hear their words, most of it was total double-talk, with nothing actually being stated in plain, simple English!

As far as informing the public, those debates were a waste of time and money. Which also reminds me of a question I have about the debates -who does pay for them anyway?  Is this paid for by the candidate from their funds, the party, or the government? Regardless of who foots the bill, I think they just threw a lot of good money after bad -down the drain -for nothing!

Amazingly enough though, I saw today that a voice from the past also resurfaced now too. Remember "Brownie" -the former head of FEMA under Pres. G.W.Bush, who totally mucked up the rescue and relief attempts over Hurricane Katrina? Well he came forward in an interview and accused President Obama of responding to reports of Hurricane Sandy "too early!" If that isn't an incredible thing right there, I don't know what is! And that, after New Jersey Governor Christi -a Republican who has not been known to be too generous in the past with his comments about President Obama -but who praised the President for his actions and reactions to getting aid and assistance as quickly as possible to the state of New Jersey where the coastline has been virtually decimated by the storm and that's just for openers on the level of destruction seen there!

Sometimes, I wonder if some people, especially those who apparently were not or never have been affected by any type of horrendous weather events, can live with themselves after reviewing their own words and actions -like good old "Brownie" here! Unbelievable, just totally unbelievable!

In my home, this past month has not been an easy one on other levels either. We've had a lot of issues -behavior problems -surfacing, then resurfacing over and over, in school with Kurtis. So many, and of a level that Mandy felt it was serious enough that she told Kurt he would not be permitted to go Trick or Treating this year! Now that's a severe punishment to a six-year-old! Well, this morning, she told me she had a terrible night -couldn't fall into a sound sleep as her mind was still rolling and reeling around, worried that perhaps she was being way to harsh on Kurtis, not fully accepting him for who and what he is and after mulling it over and over and praying over it as well, she had come to the conclusion by morning that she will relent on the removal of the trick or treating and when she gets home from work this afternoon, will scrape up some sort of costume for him and let him go out with Maya, door-to-door!

Hearing her say that was a big relief to me as I did feel terrible that the poor kid was going to miss out on the Halloween activities. Mandy is thinking that quite possibly Kurtis still doesn't fully understand the meaning of making "good choices"or "wise decisions." He still gets confused quite easily by many things and this is just one of those things that hasn't registered completely in his mind.

So this evening, when the kids start to arrive here begging for candy, it looks like I'll be passing that out by myself as my assistant will be out banging on the neighbors doors instead of helping Gram! Then again -with him, who knows but he may decide this evening that he's too frightened to go out with his sister and join the throngs of other kids all trick or treating.

Part of me kind of hopes that he decides to stay home and stay warm and help me. Soon enough, he'll be growing up and not be Grammie's sweet little helper guy!


Suldog said...

The debates are paid for by the taxpayers (you, me, everybody else except the damn political parties) and for that reason alone should be either done away with or made more accountable. Same for the conventions. Let them pay for their own parties!

(One of the many reasons I am a Libertarian, Jeni. We pay our own way!)

Happy Halloween!

terri said...

Something tells me this winter isn't going to be nearly as mild as the last one.

Mark and I were just talking about the fact that it's hard to know what any of these politicians actually plan to do. We're very well informed though, as to what the opponents have FAILED to do.

I'm happy to hear that Kurtis was allowed to go trick-or-treating. I'm not sure that at his age, he could connect the dots between his behavior and the privilege of going out for a once-a-year tradition with all the other kids.

Maggie May said...

I must admit the thought of even a light sprinkling of snow fills me with horror because I'm less able to save myself if I slip.
It was very quiet on Halloween night & I didn't have the door knocked once. We don't go into it in a big way round here.
Hope Kurtis enjoyed his night!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Kat said...

I am so not ready for snow. Ugh.

As for the election, I just want it over with now. I am so tired of the nastiness not only from the politicians but everyone. No one can speak respectfully from either side and it makes me sick.

As far as Kurtis, six is still so young to understand consequences and thinking things through properly. I am still working on that with my 9 year old. ;)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

CiCi said...

Snow means winter and going through winter means SPRING will come after that, so I can take the winter. I am not from here and did not grow up with four distinct seasons, so I am enjoying all the changes. It is so fun to hear the response of children, like your grandson exclaiming "It's Snowing, Gram!"