Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Way Ahead!

My last post, I mentioned about my little sweetheart's birthday as Maya turned nine years old last Thursday. I also posted a photo of her in her cheerleader's outfit taken at the football game a couple weeks back when ALL the kids -high school as well as elementary students, were recognized at the game by being called out to the field.

Although Maya is not fearful of being in front of crowds, or an audience -as he has had practice in doing that through the different plays she has been in over the past two years, I found it rather comical in a way, that she was actually a bit, shall we say, "gun shy" when it came to going out on the football field to be recognized for her participation in the Cheerleader Team program. She did it but she said before and after too, that she really didn't like doing that.

Makes you wonder doesn't it then how she can learn some of the songs and the dance routines too that she had to learn for the plays she was in and that aspect of being on stage and performing didn't bother her in the least!

Go figure.

But it does make me wonder too how she would react if she were to receive some cheerleading trophies at QuickTrophy.com?

With Miss Maya, finding the logic behind some -actually behind many things -with her is quit an ordeal!

Like tonight, when we were having lasagne for supper and she refused to eat it because as she announced to us "I don't like lasagne!"

Hmmmmm.  Wonder when this change took place because the last time we had lasagne, she scarfed it down in record time!

Oh well. As I said above, Go figure! And the cheerleading awards -well, we've still got a long road ahead about those things, don't we? Plenty of time for her to get over the shyness and enjoy the praise!

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