Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cold, Colder, Coldest?

Okay -the weather the past week as begun the down turn in the temps and fall (or autumn if you wish) definitely has arrived!

This may be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year -no doubt about that and no argument will be given by me as to the lovely blending of colors -from deep, dark burgundies and cranberry shades down the gamut of oranges and golds as well as probably every possible shade known in the greenery category.

I love the fall foliage in all its splendor.

But boy, I sure to dislike how the days lately have been seeming to have so much more gray in the skys and a lot more chill and briskness as well as dampness or just plain hard rainfall than I wanted to see this early in October!

On Monday -the house was like a barn -very, very chilly. No, more than that. It was downright cold.

I took Sam to go for a walk and boy, believe me it was a very brisk one too because in no time, even my nose felt like it was a little block of ice cubes!

I had even pulled out my winter jacket which comes down to mid-thigh and has a big fur-trimmed hood and wore that with a brightly colored multi-colored striped scarf that I had wrapped around my neck and so it came up and sort of touched the tips of my ears to keep them from getting a touch of frostbite!

Seriously, as cold as it felt to me, I was thinking if I could have found one of those rocky mountain trail outdoor Jackets -like the type I see a lot of the hunters in this region often wearing -I would have been wearing that kind of coat!

Did I mention that I freeze easily?

Well, I do! So there!

But the funny thing about the whole walk in the cold and the frozen exposed extremities and the fact that the heat in this house has not yet been turned on is that when Sam and I came home, and as I walked in the front door, the warmth of the house that hit me full-on in the face made me go immediately to a radiator and do the hand test to see if the furnace had suddenly been turned on!

It was absolutely incredible how warm the house felt and no, there was no heat running through any of the radiators.

None. At. All. And yet, that excursion out to the cold outside had changed the psychology of my mind apparently to make me think it was actually warm inside here!

Now I'm wishing things like that would happen throughout the winter to where the heat might actually be turned on but at a very low setting and still fool me into thinking it's all toasty warm here.

Just think of all the oil we could conserve that way, huh?


terri said...

It's amazing how much you can warm up by getting outside, doing a little exercise and then returning.

I experience the same thing at the office. I'm always comfortable when I first get there because I've walked a couple of blocks from the parking ramp. But as soon as I sit still for any length of time, the cold takes over and I'm soon shivering.

Maggie May said...

You know...... I could've written that post as I haven't put the heating on because of the cost and I hate the grey skies and feel the cold much more since chemo. I sling on more clothes and go for walks and yes........ the house feels warm when I get back. But you have to keep moving!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Travis Cody said...

We're getting our first rain in weeks and the temp has dropped about 15 degrees. I love this time of year. It's not too cold that we can't keep the windows open to enjoy the crisp quality of the air.

Happy Autumn!