Monday, October 29, 2012

Alternates May Be Needed!

Have you been watching the news lately?

Finally, there is something occupying the broadcasts other than the same old, same old political wars that have been hogging the news for way too long now.

Although, I don't really consider the big thing on the news now -Hurricane Sandy -to be any solace, much less good news by comparison.

Most of the time, hurricanes do not bring their unwelcome winds and rains down on central Pennsylvania, where I live, but unfortunately, every now and again, one does come along and is strong enough to wreak a bit of havoc this far inland.

And from reading lots and lots of forecasts and viewing all kinds of weather maps too posted by my trusty source -AccuWeather -it does look like Hurricane Sandy is going to definitely make her presence known in our area too!

If things get really wicked here, maybe we should have been shopping for horse riding apparel instead of batteries, water and other general supplies! Of course that also would have meant shopping for a horse and doing a fast build of a barn too but that's just a minor triviality in life, isn't it?

Seriously folks, this storm -by the looks of things -is going to be a really wicked one to come through it unscathed, for sure.

At least, in this little area where I live, flooding isn't a concern as there are no streams here that can reach us. The little creek that runs behind our house is really just a small rill and the distance is far enough, along with being slightly on a downgrade from the houses too so it's never been a problem.

Trees however -now that's a horse of a different color, for sure! Branches are bound to be knocked down or ripped off and winds, with potential gusts of 60-80 mph -nothing to sneeze at either.

How I'm gonna manage to get out in this potential water-logged mess to walk the mutt -yet another problem too!

The bottom line though here is wherever you are, if you are in Sandy's path, please take care and stay safe!


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Travis Cody said...

I hope everyone came through OK. Sandy the Super Storm sure is a beast.