Friday, October 12, 2012

No Winner Here!


My kids ask me the same question three times a year -in May, in October and again, in December.

"What do you want for (Mother's Day, your birthday, for Christmas)?" Pick any of those special occasions and I guarantee you they will each ask me that.

And they know too that my standard answer for each one of those events is going to be the same thing.

"A winning lottery ticket!"

Yep! That's all I want for Mother's Day, for my birthday or for Christmas.

And after that is said, they also know my next response is always gonna be "Make it a big winner though, please, so I can finally go buy that big old Winnebago Wagon I've always wanted!"

And every now and again, one of 'em will actually go out and buy a couple lottery tickets then for me.

Mandy did that this past Monday. She came home with several of the "scratch off" cards which yielded a win -of sorts -"a free ticket."

She also bought a ticket for the Cash 5 and the Match 6 and both of those were total duds -Nada!

I didn't find that out until tonight though the drawing was on Monday for the tickets she purchased for me.


Well, because -of all things -I forgot that we had those two tickets here for those two drawings until tonight, when I finally remembered, went on line, got the winning numbers and then, got around to the dismal task of checking for a potential winner.

Oh well. Who knows but I may have a winner in disguise if I remember now to take the "free ticket" up and redeem it.

Maybe I'll hit it big after all!

But what the heck. The PA Lottery, you know, supports the Senior Citizens so by investing in those few tickets, I just paid myself a little something towards whatever it is that the lottery is actually supporting for me.

Or -look at it this way -I had some fun scratching of all those non-winners and one can always dream.



Maggie May said...

Hoping you will be a big winner one day...... though I've heard having vast amounts of money can really cause great problems and unhappiness and sometimes worse!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

I think all of us dream of winning the lottery from time to time. Maggie May might be right though. Remember those Oh God movies starring George Burns? I think it was the 2nd movie where the main character had all of his dreams come true and he enjoyed the fame and fortune he had always wanted. But then he realized that even though he had everything money could buy, it couldn't buy the things that made him happy.

Sure would be nice to have just enough to take care of the things we really need though, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

I once won (gasp) $80 in the CA lottery and the circumstances were interesting. It was a very big prize so I went in with some people at work to buy 100 tickets. On the way home, I bought one ticket on my own. On lottery day, the scores was: 100 tickets, not a cent; my single ticket, $80. Go figure. Needless to say, it didn't change my life.