Saturday, October 06, 2012

Search and Destroy Missions

I don't know about anyone else, but around here, things that I think I have or know I have -someplace but where -often become really difficult to locate at times! I put stuff up somewhere where I think I know I'll have them and then, when i need or want them, can't remember where the heck I put 'em?

Of course, it doesn't help matters much either when people put their things that they want or need to keep organized in the middle of my things I think are organized (if you can call any of my systems to be anything along the "organized line" and today was a prime example of wires getting crossed in that respect.

In May of 2011, a very good friend of my daughter's got married. No big deal about that, I know -people get married all the time. But their wedding was down in North Carolina, on the Outer Banks, if I remember correctly.

Well dear daughter had several photos of her girlfriend and her husband taken at the wedding and which her girlfriend had sent her and today, for some reason or other, Mandy was hunting for those pictures. And she was upset at me because she thought I must have moved them, put them in with my "organized" stuff or some such. To my knowledge, I don't believe I touched them and certainly not to put them with my pictures and such. But she was convinced I must have. To top it all off, she was looking for two pictures in the mix that she especially wanted to locate and I don't even remember having seen these.

So there she was searching high and low, all the while telling me these two pictures were different from the rest in that they weren't the standard pics one usually takes at special occasions with a little camera ya know. So she's trying to describe them to me and all she could remember that set them apart from the other photos was that somewhere on them it was marked wedding photographers Raleigh NC.

If, in fact I even saw these pictures, I do think I'd remember if it had something like that on 'em but, I don't recollect seeing anything that was other than just regular snapshots of the wedding.

Why the heck she is interested in those pics and that photographer though is more than I can figure out at this point in time. And when she goes on a "search and destroy" type mission like it was today, I don't question the logic of her actions at all because who knows what kind of response I'd get then!

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Maggie May said...

I know it can be an absolute obsession when things go missing and I get really het up when I lose something and theres certainly nothing worse than one pile of rubbish gets chucked in with another's. We have this problem here often.
Hope Mandy finds them soon.
Maggie X

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