Saturday, October 27, 2012


Boy, yesterday I was saved! By my good friend, Patsy, as a matter of fact.

I'm not talking about any religious conversion here but rather her advice that saved me a whole 'nuther trip to the DMV, a new photograph for my photo id-license and $13 and change for a replacement of my driver's license.

If you read my post earlier this week, you might remember I was rather upset because I couldn't locate my new driver's license, my hospitalization insurance card and I was also missing $12 from the zipper compartment in my purse where I keep my cards and what little cash I might actually have on hand.

The last time I had seen these two important cards was two weeks earlier when I got the new license photo-id as I renewed my license for another 4 years and after doing that, had to stop at the hospital to have some lab work done so the lady at the registration desk had to, of course, photocopy my photo-id and the insurance card -just to make sure I am me and the same person who used those two cards there a few months back, ya see.

Well when I discovered the cards were missing, trust me, I went on a major search and destroy mission -first with my purse and then, all around the house. All searches came up empty.

But my good friend, Patsy, sent me a message to be sure to look in the seat of my car as she said she just had a feeling that they had fallen out of my purse and were probably in the seat of my vehicle.
Someone else also suggested I check the glove box -which I had -but that too came up empty as far as the cards were concerned. (It was actually stuffed full with a bunch of cassette tapes though.)

Oh and the massive search I did on my purse coughed up the little plastic holder thing I have that I keep my car registration card and my car insurance card it -something I hadn't been able to locate since July back when I took the jeep for its annual inspection!

But anyway, I was all prepared Friday morning to go over to Clearfield and take in a notarized form to get them to give me a new photo id -for a mere $13 and change. Before leaving the house though, I took the dog for a walk and on the way back into the house, I decided to take Patsy' advice and check the seat.

No, the cards were not there in the seat, but while I was rooting around, I decided to run my hand UNDER the seat and alongside of the seat and console and guess what? That's when I located both the cards -stuffed in with some junk mail and wedged in there.

That was a nice surprise for sure! But an even bigger surprise was that the money I'd had in my zipper compartment had been a ten and 2 ones and what did I find in the money way in the car? Why ten ones!

Now isn't that amazing how the cards finally popped up as I did what I would call a "fluke" search but also, how the money had had morphed from a ten and 2 ones into ten ones?

Never the less, I count this as a miraculous event and I was saved from having to shell out anymore coins to the Department of Transportation!

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terri said...

SO glad to hear you found the missing items! How strange that your cash morphed from a ten into ones!