Monday, October 01, 2012

A New Bride!

This past weekend, my Facebook was all a buzz, big time, with wedding pictures taken of a cousin of mine on my Dad's side of the family as she and her fiance tied the knot on the sandy shore of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. From the photos everyone and their brother was sharing of Bev and Don on their wedding day, it was a simple yet very beautiful ceremony! Made me wish I could have been there to share in the joy of their wedding day for sure!

But, it also got me to thinking of some other things too. And you know by now, when I start thinking, well who knows what I'm liable to come up with. See first off, I've never been to any of the beaches on the Atlantic coast except for Rehoboth (in Delaware -which was my favorite beach back in the 60s) and I've been to Ocean City, Maryland and also to Atlantic City, New Jersey -but those escapades were all a long, long time ago, in my much younger, very carefree years.

I'd love to have a chance some day to visit some other beaches on the Atlantic coastline and especially those in North Carolina and South Carolina -mainly because I do have a cousin who lives in South Carolina and it would maybe open an opportunity to visit him and his wife for an afternoon or so and a very good friend of mine from high school lives in North Carolina so I could also use a trip south to include visiting her and her husband too.

 But, here's what I really was thinking about! My cousin who just got married this past weekend -well she and her new groom along with a lot of other cousins on that side of my family are very big into going to the shore every summer -usually doing it as a pretty large family-type affair at that. Plus, she just fairly recently got her license to be a Real Estate agent and taking that into consideration, maybe she could be convinced to think about the idea of her and her husband -with their love of the Atlantic shorelines -to consider looking for houses for sale in outer banks and finding a good deal that they could buy for their own usage (of course) but also, one that they might then consider letting family rent it at oh, maybe a bit of a reduced rate that some of us poorer ones in the family might actually then be able to afford and have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of at least a long weekend sometime in that area.

And for me, well that would -as I think I laid out in my above words -would offer me the best of all worlds, wouldn't it?

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terri said...

That would definitely be a nice deal! I hope you can talk your cousin into it. You deserve a nice vacation!