Monday, October 08, 2012

Absurdities of Job Searching...

I'm trying to reintegrate myself -if at all possible -into the work force after not having any employment for almost 10 years. (It will be ten years in December.)

After I lost that last job, I had numerous medical issues -some of which are still with me and yes, do annoy the living daylights out of me at times - but I'd like to at least try to find perhaps a part-time job anyway to see if I can handle that anyway. I really do need to find something just to give a much need assist in the financial department here and also, in my opinion, I think I really could use at least a part-time job just for something to get me out of the house and back into living as a much more functioning member of society.

However, searching for work in today's job market is far from an easy prospect and even more difficult here because of the type of jobs that are available -which aren't very much in good supply!

But anyway, I was looking online for employment opportunities a couple weeks ago and in order to see some job ops available in this region, I had to go to a particular job help site - called "Job Rapido" and I could then look at what jobs were posted as being available in my region.

Over this past weekend, I got an e-mail message from this company telling me that they had new job opportunities in my region so I went to the site to look at them and just about fell on the floor laughing about one job opportunity that was listed as being available to me.

It says there are 9 job opportunities available to me within a 10 mile radius from my home. Wow, that's nice -also very interesting too.

But the one that totally cracked me up is one listing for a position as the Director of Development at the Gorton Community Center. Holy Rip! I had no idea whatsover that there was a Community Center located at Gorton! That's totally amazing since Gorton -the Gorton located near here -is just a railroad crossing (or used to be a railroad crossing anyway) and that area is all woodland -definitely does not have any thing in the way of a potential workplace there.

Upon reading the job description a little more I see that the job apparently does actually exist except the GPS system this job opportunity listing must be using is really out of whack since the address given in the ad is Gorton, ILLINOIS -not Gorton, PA!

Oh and in addition to the good laugh I got out of the job at Gorton, I see there is also one listed for this position Critical Care Access Pharmacist too and according to the site, it is available in Lanse -the little village about 4 miles from where I live. Amazing since there sure as the dickens is nothing like that in that little place! Turns out, that job is available apparently in L'Anse, Michigan!

What a bunch of hooey-balooie this job search site is then!

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Sandi McBride said...

I agree we need to get out into the world more and hope you'll find something that is to your liking and also your abilities and even pays a decent check!!! Keep on looking, something will turn up!