Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick Recovery

So, yesterday morning when Mandy woke Kurtis up to get ready for school, he sounded really rough -speech was affected, obviously, by being very stuffed up and his voice was reflecting that. He said he thought is "Throat was scratched!" Because he didn't sound very good, we decided to give him a little break and let him stay home. He'd been fairly congested the night before too so before Mandy left for work, she gave him a dose of children's cold medications. About 5 minutes after the bus went up the road and had picked Maya up, Kurtis came to me and said "Gram, my throat feels much better now!" First grade and already learning little ways to manipulate people in charge and finagle ways to stay home? Maybe. But, in all honesty, with some of the social problems he's been experiencing lately, inability to make wise choices with respect to his peers in school, maybe he really needed the day off and away from those kind of stressors. Today, he seems to be all sunshine and roses, no noticeable congestion and in a very pleasant mood too when he came in from school this afternoon. Now, if only Maya comes home from school in an equally good humor! That will make it a good day for me!

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