Saturday, October 27, 2012

Carve, Carve, and Carve Some More!

Halloween is just around the corner and tonight, Mandy and Jeff went out and bought three pretty good-sized pumpkins to let the kids carve -with more than a little adult assistance that is!

Here's Mandy, working on the pumpkin for Kurtis while Maya and Cassidy are busy doing their cleaning out of their pumpkins. I tried to take a picture of Kurtis actually touching the pulp and seeds from his pumpkin, all mixed together (sensory issues, ya know, and he hadn't wanted to even think of touching that stuff but he did. However, something went awry with that shot and my camera and it didn't take at all! Rats!)

But anyway, as I said -the kids didn't do the carving of the faces in their pumpkins. Mandy and Jeff took care of doing that. But the size of those babies -I was thinking perhaps they needed a really, really sharp implement like say a Martor USA box cutter. Lucky for them, the pumpkins are now almost finished but I haven't any pictures of the finished product as yet.

Considering the storm that is supposed to hit the east coast and inland area too come Monday, I don't think any of these pumpkins will see a candle inside it, much less a lit one as the wind will never allow for that kind of action, I sure.

Just hope we don't blow away or that the good old wind doesn't pick up one of these pumpkins and decide to fling it through my front window!


Dianne said...

a pumpkin thru the window is never a good thing!

quite the artistic group there :)

remember the snow last Halloween?
what's going on!!

stay safe

CiCi said...

Great photo showing the fun. Scooping out the yuck and getting the seeds separated is the most fun for me. I see some Parmesan cheese on the table. Do you sprinkle that on the pumpkin seeds?

terri said...

Looks like everyone had a great time carving pumpkins! Fun picture of the group participating in such a fun tradition.