Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amazing? And, Colorful Too!

Earlier this evening, Kurt was busy at the dining room table with some construction paper and crayons. Eventually, he flitted into the living room and flashed before me the fruits of his labors.

Seems he'd just completed making a special birthday card for his little buddy, Ryan, my son's girlfriend's younger son, who will be having a birthday party this Saturday to celebrate that he'll be 4 years old!

The card was pretty simple -as greeting cards go. Across the top, in bold print and each letter a different color, was his name -"RYAN: and under that, in a little smaller print, it said "Happy Birthday."  Good job in that he had all the important commodities showing. The fun part was first that he read it to me and in Kurt's way, it read "Happy Birthday, Ryan." Although, if you or I were to read it, the way he has it set up, it reads "Ryan. Happy Birthday."

Not a big deal there -just a matter of semantics, isn't it?

But after he showed his production to me, Kurt then turned to me and asked me, "Am I amazing?"

Why yes, my little sweetheart, yes indeed you are.

Then he had one more question for me. "Am I colorfull?"

Yep, Kiddo! That too!

Which got me to thinking about some other things around that are amazing as well as often colorful too and I thought for a change of pace, I'd show you some of them!

Here's Kurtis at our Sunday School Rally Day Carnival about 2 weeks ago after having had his face painted - a big yellow truck on one cheek and I think maybe he had a dinosaur or something along those lines painted on his other cheek. Definitely amazing and also, a bit colorful, don't 'cha think?

And here's Maya, watching with an eagle-eye as the Sunday School Director (Danielle) gets just the right color of paint to draw a lovely butterfly on Maya's face!

Here's Maya and Kurtis -and Kurt's TSS in the center there -enjoying the activities on Labor Day at the one and only, Labor Day Picnic that's been held out at Cooper Grove in Drifting (a tiny village that is really the "blink and you missed it" kind of place) and this event has been an ongoing thing since back in the late 1800s around these hills!

Here's some evidence that the Labor Day (or Cooper) Picnic offers a little something for everyone and every age range too as these two ladies were volunteers for a magic trick done by the gentleman in the center. The two women? Well they just happen to be two people who were members of my high school graduating class -Carol (Folmar) Nadzom and Betty (Samansky) Danko -who were the good sports to participate in this little bit of fun!

This is Kurtis in a shot that -for him -is truly amazing in that he isn't acting like a little clown and making all kinds of funny faces at the camera. This is him showing his best and sweet, loving side!

And finally - here's one of Maya holding our sweet little kitten -Tavia! Nothing extraordinary about this other than the smile on Maya's face shows quite well I believe how much she loves this kitten!

I had some other photos I planned to put in here but then Blogger began to act up on me and was very contrary so, I'll save them for another time when I'm in the mood to show you some more things that -to me -are both colorful and/or amazing!


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Maggie May said...

Love Kurt's little yellow truck! Maya's photo of her and the kitten is divine.
I think I'd be putting those photo portraits up on the wall in a little frame!
Maggie X

Nuts in May