Friday, October 12, 2012

Surprise Site.

Playing around on the computer the other day, doing random searches for random things -just because I was bored -totally bored as a matter of fact -and knowing a cousin of mine is a big, big fan of those Buffalo Bills -I thought I'd take a look for some stats on how that team is doing this year.

However, to my surprise, look what happens when you key in
I just thought that was quite interesting in that this website has nothing whatsoever to do with the Buffalo Bills at all or to Buffalo either.

Although, I thought it a cool site on its own because I used to love to put jigsaw puzzles together and would still enjoy doing some of the puzzles I saw on their site except for the fact that there is no where in this house that one could put a big old jigsaw puzzle together, unless of course, one were to put all the pieces on the dining room table but then, where the heck would we eat?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jeni -

What an amazing site. I'm not a puzzle fan (unless my grandkids are doing one) but the pictures are beautiful I especially like the birds.


CiCi said...

There is a jigsaw puzzle in my living room. Lots of my friends around here like jigsaw puzzles too so we pass them along, that way we get to work more puzzles. I have been to that site a few times. Don't know what it has to do with a sports team, but it is a cool site. I have a board that has felt on it, I bought it on Amazon, for my puzzles. My friend bought a large board for a couple dollars at the store and works puzzles on that and she can pick it up and move it where she wants it like I do with mine. The only difference is that my board keeps the pieces still and there is a lip around the board to hold them all in anyway.