Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Eleventh Month!

Well, here it is -already November and already a week of this month gone too! Where has it gone anyway that it disappeared so darned quickly?

If I thought in the past I was busy, this past week has been bordering on the edge of insane for me!

My life is normally pretty quiet here, not all that much activity but the past week a whole lot of things got turned around, sideways, upside-down and inside out too, I think.

I think I'll just try to work my way backwards over a bit of this time span and start off with yesterday.

Election Day! Yes, it was and I hope you didn't forget or even worse than that, you remembered but didn't bother to go vote. Believe you me, I can understand how people can and often do get very apathetic about elections -the way the government does operate at times it can give a bit of a "What's the use?" response or excuse.

However, if that was how you were feeling I do hope you let your good sense override the urge to keep that valuable vote right in your house and not share it! No matter how angry we do get at times with this or that of the political element in our lives, we still have that right and to ignore it, to not use it at all, is stubbornness for no good reason at all.

Remember how many people over the past two centuries and longer have died -given up their lives in sacrifice that you, that I, can still go out, freely and cast a ballot!

We can vote for a leader of this country. We can vote for leaders of our state, our county, our townships and cities -something a whole lot of other folks around the world can't have any say whatsoever in who makes the rules, the laws, the edicts that govern them.

Would you rather that right to vote be eradicated, taken away from you, from me, permanently?

I sure as hell would never want to see that for myself and certainly not for my children and now, for my grandchildren too.

I hear lots of folks say how great America is, how wonderful this land of ours is, the beauty, -mountains, plains, deserts, ocean shores, lakes, rivers-such a fantastic plethora to behold and yet, they often are unwilling to come out and place a mark on a screen to show the choice they would like to see in charge of keeping this land of ours safe and sound, as free from harm as possible.

But they sure have no problem in popping out that cell phone to call in a vote on any of the so-called reality shows on tv, do they?

I don't know how many of my readers feel today about yesterday's election but I know how I feel and I was not just happy with the results, but ecstatic and not just over the presidential election part either but proud to see so many strong, persistent, intelligent, highly educated women who won their fight in various states to have even more of a say in the future of our country now.

It's about time!

It's time now to put away all those political ploys and ads and campaign lies -er 'scuse me -"promises" that any one with a lick of common sense should realize very little of what is said in those things will actually, fully, happen! But they sure do fire a whole lot of people up into believing a whole lot of malarkey, don't they?

My theory -if anyone is interested -is survey the individual and try to see if at least some of their rhetoric matches up in some way or other with things I'd like to see happen and then, vote for the one who seems to have a little more of a handle on the realistic aspects of life in the 21st century!

That's just the way I look at it, not saying it's right or the best way or anything like that but at least I'm not voting for some yahoo just because I like the color of the candidate's eyes or the way the hair is combed or the suntan or the anything else that means zilch in the grand scheme of things but which people will parade out and vote for due to this or that silly thing after all!

This is merely the 11th month of this year and I'd like to remind people too that because perhaps your choice for whatever race didn't garner enough votes to win, it certainly doesn't signal doom, gloom and that we are now entering the 11th hour -not just the 11th month of the year!

A little respect for those who are the leaders of this great and wonderful land would be great for a starter. A little more empathy towards those who have encountered a whole lot of hardships maybe for the entire last 4, 8 or 12 years or more and especially for those who are trying to get back on their feet along the eastern part of this country and now, find themselves facing being wiped out all over again in just over a week's time by snow this time -plus wind and rain!

Say prayers for those in charge too -not that they fail but that they are able to reach out, to find a friendly hand across the aisle and do something new then -like compromise!

Try it and see what it's like. It just might be what this country ultimately needs!

Compassion, understanding, generosity, sharing and above all, try a little compromise!



terri said...

Good advice, Jeni. We all need to come together to make this country a better place!

Suldog said...

Intelligent words, Jeni. Our voting rights should be as precious and sacred as almost anything else we love.

Sandi McBride said...

Yes I am glad that the election is over too...but they'll be starting up again in a year or so if not sooner, lol...I can not believe that 2013 is around the corner...time flies whether you're having fun or not!