Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Head start on the day

Since I can't sleep - again - same issue as I've been having for the past 4 1/2 months now, called "Shingles," I figured I would get a jump on things today and do the Bushism of the day really early - like 3 a.m.

"Recession means that people's incomes, at the employer level, are going down, basically, relative to costs, people are getting laid off." (Washington, D.C.; February 19, 2004.)

Gee, George - do ya think? No lie, people are getting laid off, huh? How long did it take the government masterminds to figure that one out?

A bit off topic from the Bushism of the day now - according to the news at 11 p.m. tonight, it looks like maybe we will be receiving a bit of regular winter weather - complete with snowfall - by early morning today. Trust me, I'm not the least bit impressed with that forecast!

I tell everyone I hate snow and yes, with respect to the havoc the least bit of snowfall can create on the highways, I do hate it or at least dislike it immensely.

But, on the other hand, if I've no where to go, know we have plenty of fuel oil in the old tank and it's not coming down in the form of a blizzard, I do appreciate the beauty of fresh falling snow. I can even appreciate the wonderous feeling one can get if you are able to go out and walk around during a snowfall with the huge type of wet snowflakes but also, without a driving wind pushing you back and really, really low temperatures too. I like snow when it is relatively "warm" perhaps one could say. Yeah, I know it has to be cold to some extent to snow in the first place, but some snowfalls are warmish, for lack of a better description, to me.

Maybe I should contact some of my old weather forecaster buddies over at the World's Largest Private Weather Forecasting Company and ask them if there is a technical term perhaps for the type of snowfall I'm trying to describe there? I think I'll wait and see if one of 'em maybe sees my blog and decides to answer the question for me.

This evening, having my son home for a couple hours today - down here doing his laundry, then sharing the evening meal with us, was - as it almost always is when he is he - a fun event. He has such a great sense of humor and even excels at imitating people - sometimes it may be a celebrity, other times, it could be different people from around town or the nearby vicinity. And frequently, I am the one he imitates too - or his dad - he does a very good job on his dad's voice!

Maya was quite entertaining tonight as we ate and after supper too - pretty wound up she was - running all about the living and dining room, into the kitchen to snoop around, then out to my room to try to gain access there. All this amidst fairly frequent requests, nicely made, then put forth in a much sterner voice telling her "Maya! Get in here!" Sometimes another order would accompany it too - "Get in the room and sit down! NOW!"

Following orders is not something high on her priority list though. Although, she would usually come running back into the living room and make some comment -"Lay down, Un Clate" or "Lay down, Gwam?" And sometimes she would even go crawl up on the end of the loveseat at Uncle Clate's feet and bounce around there for a few minutes before taking off on another run through the house until someone would call to her to come back in the living room and SIT DOWN! She seems to have magnets in her fingers - or some type of homing device - that always manages to allow her to find and pick up only things that you really don't want her to grab! Photos are big on her list of things to pick up but unfortunately, she also likes to find pens or crayons and scribble all over them too if someone isn't paying close attention to what she's doing!

Another of her favorite items to grab is the powdered flavored coffee creamer Mandy and I like to use. Usually, her favorite trick with that is to latch onto a container of it and sprinkle it, always quite lavishly too, all over the countertop by the coffee maker and on the floor in front of the coffee maker too. Not a fun thing to try to clean that stuff up either, I might add. But her best trick by far with the powdered creamer was the day Kate, her oldest half-sister caught her sitting on the living room floor, spoon in one hand and the pot part of her potty chair in her lap, in which she had poured a good bit of creamer and was proceeding to take aim on it with the spoon to eat it! I thought Kate was going to have a coronary when she saw what her little sister's plans were!

That's enough of my Maya stories and my Bushism comments now for one day! Time to take another pain pill and go back to bed - again - maybe to sleep another hour or two before daybreak! I had gone to bed very early tonight - 10 p.m. - but as happens way too frequently, my sleep lasted only just over an hour before the shingles came alive and woke me up! Normally, they will let me sleep about 2 hours and then stab me awake, but tonight, they must have been impatient to get started making me miserable for several hours!

If anyone has any suggestions of what to do to alleviate the pain that is left behind in the nerve endings after having had shingles, please, please, let me know what it might be!

Nite now!


East of Oregon said...

Hope your shingles get better really soon, and I do hope the weather won't be too awful where you are - be safe! :)

p.s. I'm a Bush supporter, so my comments will always be sparse as to the critic thing.

Meloncutter said...

It's been almost a year since I had shingles. I rarely can sleep more than 2 hours without moving. When the pain was bad a cut up lidoderm patch with lots of happy pills was about the best thing I found. i havent taken anything for the pain in several months though. A heat pad helped. But I still have to roll over and reposition after a full year.

The pain is not there now when I am moving around. I am still numb under the arm and the persistent itching along the nerve when it's cold. Shingles still suck.

Later Y'all

Smalltown RN said...

I thought I left you a post yesterday about a suggestion for shingles. Have you tried Gabepentin also known as Neurontin? As the word Neurontin states it deals with nerve ending pain. If you haven't tried it, it's worth a try. It doesn't have the constipating side effects like narcotics haves. But it does help with moods as well and helps you sleep.