Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thirteen Things

Lots of people whose blogs I visit daily are doing a little MEME thing every Thursday called Thursday Thirteen or some title something along those lines. I have never figured out how to go about signing up to do one of those things but today, I decided to copy off thirteen things from someone else's blog to a word document and then, go in and put in thirteen newsworthy, exciting bits of information about ME and copy my end product over here for everyone who visits my blog to see. So, with that announcement being made, and this being understood that this is not an "official" part of that particular meme, here's my Thirteen Things for today!

Thirteen Things about Me –Jeni Hill Ertmer

1. I have a degree in Rehab Counseling frin a Big Ten University
2. I graduated from college when I was 50 years old.
3. I was never able to get an interview for a job in my field which leads me to believe strongly that age discrimination is indeed rampant!
4. I am the “semi-permanent Secretary” for my Mom’s family’s annual reunion.
5. I have been a fan of the Washington Redskins since back when they were lovingly called “Otto Graham’s Deadskins.” (You do the math there on that one.)
6. I believe the most important subject, above all others in school, should be reading because if you can’t read, how can you learn other subjects properly.
7. My favorite columnist is Leonard Pitts, Jr.
8. My favorite humorist would have to be Dave Barry.
9. .I believe whoever – doctor, scientist, anyone –finds a cure for the pain caused by shingles, long after the shingles themselves have healed, should receive the Nobel Prize for Medicine!
10. I am a dog lover from way-way back!
11. I have three children, all grown, girl, boy, girl, three grandchildren –boy, girl, boy and 3 step-grandchildren, girl, girl, boy.
12. I love practical jokes and will go to all lengths to get even with other practical jokers.
13. I will NOT try to get even though with people who do things, even mean, nasty things, to me because any time I tried in the past to get even in that respect, it would backfire and I decided – finally – revenge, if it is justified, belongs to One much higher than me!
And there you have it folks! That's me!


masgblog said...

good 13...mine are up too!

p.s. - I tagged you...:0)

Skittles said...

Great list. :)