Monday, January 08, 2007

Ah, Youth - How Grand!

The good looking guy in this photo is very, VERY much younger than me. And he never fails to remind me of that fact either.
Meet my cousin -Ray, his wife Mary Ann and their two grandchildren - Evan, age 11 months and Madison, age 7 months.
The year 2006 was a banner year for gaining new members to the Eld Family. With Ray and Mary Ann's two grandchildren and my grandson, Kurtis, who is a month older than Madison, that's quite an increase in one year!
Ray and Mary Ann are both originally from the Pittsburgh area - Ray grew up in Monroeville - but they've lived in Indianapolis for a good number of years now. I know since Ray is so much younger than me, he is loaded with a lot more energy than I have because he is the babysitter for these two little ones daily while Madison's mother works and he has Evan usually for two-three days out of the week as well. Considering how much younger than me Ray is - all of three days - who would have thought those three days could make that much of a difference in not just the energy level needed to watch two babies, but the amount of bravery that has to be involved in doing that as well!
Give Ray a Gold Star for the Grandpa of the Year award for 2006, at the very least.


Mike said...

Good for him for watching the little ones. I bet he really enjoys it.

East of Oregon said...

What a beautiful extended family you have!!