Thursday, January 18, 2007

Settling Accounts

Over the past 18 months, I have managed to accrue a large number of doctor and hospital bills, along with lab fees, etc. Way too many for me to be pay off at one clip, that's for sure!

Add to that mix, some problems my daughter, son-in-law and I experienced last month with the mortgage on the house, then my son wrecked my car, totalling it, on Christmas night, and I was really in a quandry.

Well, until today that is. The lady from the insurance company came by and gave me the payoff check for my car. I decided before I go car shopping, I'm going to pay off a few of the smaller doctor bills, lab fees, at least get that much accomplished, then I plan to make an appointment with the eye doctor and get myself some much needed new glasses so I can once again see where I'm going, be able to read better again too. After that, I'm helping my older daughter and her fiance to get a few things straightened out with their finances, which have been very rocky of late.

And when I'm done with that, with what is leftover, I hope to be able to have enough to get a much needed computer along with an also much needed replacement vehicle.

The car won't be a new one, just a new one to me. There's absolutely no way I can take on a car payment - not now, not ever again. I don't need a brand new car, just one that will endure well enough for me to get around from home to town, occasional jaunts maybe, but not one that would have to take me to and from work, over a long haul daily like I needed when I purchased the car (new) that my son wrecked.

The computer - that I really do need! This one is way too small - not enough G, not a fast enough processor, no cd/dvd read/burner either and I really do need something with those three things plus maybe a few more new, slightly extravagent items as well! LOL. The first three mentioned should be adequate to keep me in good shape!

And watch, as soon as I get something like this, within a year - maybe even less than that - it will probably be outdated and too small already! Well, I would hope I can get one with enough G that it won't be too small for my needs and purposes quite that quickly!

Anyone care to share the type of computer you have or would like to have, how much space it has, processor speed? Anyone care to give out recommendations for a computer - brand, size, etc? Feel free to do so as I am the most computer literate of the three of us in the house who use this one and that sure doesn't come close to making me "computer literate" much less half way knowledgeable about computer brands, components, extras, etc.


masgblog said...

hi jeni...enjoy your landfall, and don't spend it all in one place....

p.s. the mini candy canes keep me from those baddy snacks, like chocolate they are lo fat...a better choice...

East of Oregon said...

Glad to hear the bad news is starting to get resolved - - I recently found a laptop at Wal-Mart for about $800 ish... It's a Toshiba wirelesss w/Intel Centrino. I like it - it's far from top of the line, but it does the trick for me. Good luck with your shopping!! Let us know what you find :)