Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mission Accoplished - I Hope!

The other day I posted an entry about an assignment I had to get completed by this weekend. I was to write an article about a young man in this area who, at the ripe old age of 14 has decided he is going to run for President of the United States someday.

Taking the comments I had put in my blog posting and combining it with a lot of the stuff this boy had told me in person and by e-mails, I managed to complete the article tonight. I e-mailed it to his parents to allow them to read it over for final approval by them before I send it off to my editor. I don't think they will have any problems with it as I didnt go into detail as to what his actual stance is on all the various issues - which he had initially included in an e-mail to me. Nor did I put any comment in there about which party he has decided he will be joining as soon as he is eligible. I figured the less said about those things in this piece, the safer it is for all concerned. Especially so, since this kid just happens to be my cousin's grandson and our mutual uncle used to be very active in county politics here and announcing which party the boy has said he likes might just set off a small war within the family since it isn't the same party that our ancestors were staunch - and I do mean of which they were very STAUNCH SUPPORTERS! (My young cousin and I happen to see eye to eye on the party choice but no sense in upsetting family applecarts along the way, is there?)

Other than that, I had a pretty easy day. Went for groceries with my daughter and the two little ones and stopped for lunch at "J/C's" Restaurant on the way home. (That's our slang for Jim and Charmaine's Restaurant.) The couple who own this place used to be my daughter Mandy's employers as she worked there for about 2--3 years I think it was - something like that. Plus, Charmaine's parents were both very good friends of mine - her Dad died 3 years ago this month and gosh, I still miss him very much. He was a gem! Her Mom is still going pretty strong though - has a few health issues but she just keeps going and that's all good to hear! When I was in high school, I often babysat Charmaine, her two brothers and three sisters and her Mom always blamed me for being the one who spoiled her one sister, next to the youngest, absolutely rotten! Well, sorry there folks but I just couldn't help myself! Count me guilty as charged I guess.

My son called early this evening - reporting in for today from wherever he is in the big truck he drives or shares the driving I should say with his boss as they run Team all over the place. Today, when he called, they were still in New Mexico, nearing the Texas border though and heading towards El Paso in order to avoid reports of bad weather and road condition in the northern part of Texas and throughout Oklahoma and Missouri, etc. They're heading towards home and expect to get back here late tomorrow (Sunday) night or early, early Monday morning but might be going back out as early as Monday night! Geez, give me a chance to get at least one hot meal a week in this scrawny kid will ya please! I have to confess though when the boy is driving the truck -working, you know - I don't worry all that much about him then. Not near as much as I worry about him when he is home and is going to have anywhere from 36 to 48 hours off! Bring on the xanax for me during that time span!

I should be out in the kitchen right now trying to fix a casserole dish to have it all ready to go come morning, if I wake up and get ready in time to make it to church because there will be a special guest speaker at the service - which starts at 9:30 a.m. - and then, a pot-luck dinner beginning at noon after the service. I'd really like to attend church more frequently than I do but I am my worst enemy there because I am terrible about going to bed early - heck, even if I do go to bed really early, I can't sleep longer than 3-4 hours at a clip though, so what's the point! But I do dislike getting up early in the morning - I've never had a reputation for being an early riser - and since our church changed from having two services on Sunday - one at 8:30 and another at 11 a.m to having just one service now at 9:30, they will rarely see me grace the narthex doorsteps I guess! Try as I may, it is really a rough issue for Mandy and I both to get ready, plus try to feed and dress both these two little ones to get there for a service at that hour. Something I know I need to address and try to correct within me there, isn't it? Plus, since we have only the one car now, if Mandy happens to be scheduled to work on Sunday morning, that means I don't have wheels either. And even if I get my car situation straightened out, if she has work, I can't manage both the little ones alone in church for over an hour! Makes me wonder how the heck I used to manage when my kids were little and I always had to take them to church by myself when my ex and I were still married then cause he would NEVER attend church at all! Somehow, things were a trifle easier for me to manage a baby, toddler and an older child about 9-11 years old! Actually, having my older daughter then did help me a lot to be able to manage with the two younger kids during church services - thanks, many years later to you Carrie, for having been capable of assisting your old Mom way back then! See - I really did appreciate your help - a whole lot after all, didn't I?

Time to go see what I should cook now! Till the next time, I bid you all adieu!


Debo Blue said...

Jen, remember when we had to do all our cooking on Saturdays? Momma would put this big old roast in the oven with potatoes, carrots and onions. My sister would bake a cake so on Sundays after church the only thing we had to do was change clothes and warm up the supper?

Now we all go out to restaurants and try to talk to each other in these noisy places.

I loved it when we'd all get home and my parents would sit and talk about the world and stuff we kids never cared about. Then we'd all watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and Hee Haw and get ready for evening service. Pentacostals went to church Sunday nights too. That was "Holy Ghost" night 'cause we'd sing and dance and shout the night away.

Just sitting her remembering.

Debo Blue said...
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