Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Sunday of 2007

I've been meaning to post a picture of my older Grandson, my Prince, Alex but don't have any recent ones of him right now on my computer and my scanner/printer is acting goofy right now and won't let me scan his school picture in for this year. But I came across this one tonight - taken over a year ago of Alex with his "Aunt Mandy" and it's a snapshot of both of them that I really like, so I decided I would use it to show everyone what a handsome "little prince" he really is!
Besides, finding and posting this picture tonight, I added two more blogs to my "favorites" list - been meaning to put them up there and keep forgetting to do it, or postponing it or maybe just being lazy. I dunno! But they're there now. Hope you enjoy reading some of my favorite blogs from time to time, same as I do.
I'm not into making resolutions for the New Year mainly because usually by noon on New Year's Day I have forgotten what they were. And I didn't make any resolutions this year but I am going to try to get myself better organized in the use of my time. I need to start working on my research project - going through oodles and oodles of old local newspapers through an online data base and trying to glean from those papers, snippets about the villages in this township as well as bits and pieces too about the people who have lived here over the years. My goal for this information: put it into various categories, get it all put together then with writings about the various years, categories, people - whatever and hopefully be able to find a way to get it printed up then too! I really think a booklet or book like this could be a big help to folks doing family tree research or of interest to people like myself, who just likes to read about how things were "back in the day."
And now - time for my little man here to have his late night meal, get his sister to stay out of the cookies in the container on the counter that she figured out yesterday how to open and she's making a nice chocolate mess all over her face right now, munching away on some cookies called "Chocolate ectasies" and yeah, they are that alright.
After I get that done, will be trying to get Miss "cookie-face" Maya to lay down, get her to gear down a bit to get ready to go to bed and then, get myself there too!
Night all!

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's a very happy band joyful picture.