Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mouse in the House

There's either a mouse in the house or bats in my belfry - or maybe both! I dunno, but something strange is going on here!

Earlier today, when I signed in via Internet Explorer 6.0, none of my things that are normally displayed in my sidebar would show up on my screen! But, if I closed IE and went and opened Firefox, my blog showed up with everything intact.

Which is why I posted the entry just below this one about "Confusion Central" because I sure was confused by the missing data when I tried to view my blog via the IE 6.0.

But, since I was able to work with the Firefox, at least I was satisfied I could still post, make corrections, whatever to my blog. And, after I made that earlier entry, I sat down, wrote a long e-mail letter, fed my grandson, talked on the phone to an old friend too for about an hour. Went back to my blog on firefox and surfed a little more then closed it. After that, I reopened my blog on IE and lo and behold, all my links and archives and my index of titles, profile, etc., are back within full view and also, when I scroll down to the bottom of the blog entries, everything that is supposed to be there is in there once again.

How the heck did this happen? I didn't change a thing while I was writing my other post or reading other blogs when I had it open in Firefox, so what happened to return my blog back to looking like its normal self again?

Now, I know programs get "bugs" in them from time to time. I know too, for a fact, we had a mouse here in the house, at least it was visiting over the Christmas holidays because I saw it scurry across the living room floor a couple of times and watched it go behind my bookcase by the fireplace to hide its little self. No one has said that they set a trap and caught anything as yet, so I am assuming the little fellow is still around here someplace.

I'm thinking though that maybe people who know me and have told me in the past, on several occasions too, that I must have "bats in my belfry" that quite possibly that is what has happened.

Yep! Evidently I am really going daft!


Mike said...

I don't even use IE anymore. I have IE7 and it was better then 6, but Firefox loads faster and works better for me. Something you just get used to I suppose.

East of Oregon said...

These things are annyoing aren't they?!

Vic Grace said...

I don't use IE either although I have kept it on my computer. I also have Netscape but I favour Firefox.

Smalltown RN said...

I find myself fumbling about the whole blog thing all the time. I get frustrated and just step away...when I have more patients then I come back...I am not that computer sauve so it takes me longer than the average joe.

Thanks for dropping by....cheers